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    Meridian Middle School PACE

    Career and College Readiness

    Meridian Middle School is in the second year of a pilot program helping our students prepare for their future careers.  Beginning in Quarter 3, students will engage in various activities in order to explore their individual temperaments, personality types and life passions.  They will then learn how to meld the above with a career path that suits them.  For some, that will require college education; for others it may involve trade school, technical training or apprenticeships. 

     Academically, they will do research on their career choice, write a paper and prepare a PowerPoint presentation.  Students will give an oral presentation of their research before a panel of judges on April 12, 2016.

     The following information may answer some of your questions about this project:

    1. All students will write a 3-5 research report in MLA format.  The Works Cited page is not included in the minimum page requirements.

    2. Work will be done in school and, if necessary,  at home on their tablets

    3. Topics covered in the paper include:

      1. History and Background of the career

      2. Educational requirements and costs

      3. Salaries, benefits and job availability

    4. The Why Not Me? Section demonstrates how the student’s personality, temperament and passion melds with their career choice.

    5. The PACE oral presentation will require a 9-11 slide PowerPoint reflecting all the elements of research.


      For questions regarding the PACE timeline of instruction, we also encourage you and your child to check the website of your child’s 8th grade English teacher.