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  • flying hawk     Hawks Fly High Above the Rest    sitting hawk
    parent education  Looking for positive ways to raise happy kids, learn how to be effective communicators and nurturing skills for men. Check out the Spring Parenting Classes that begin in February.
    jumping rope  Jump Rope Club starts Tuesday, January 16 for grades 4 & 5 and Thursday, January 18 for grades 2 & 3.  No equipment needed, just bring your jumping shoes and let's have fun!
    Reminder Early Relase on Friday, January 19.  Check the bell schedule under the About Us tab for details.
    food  Family Food Night at Texas Roadhouse on Monday, January 22.  Come enjoy the food and the fellowship with your Hunter family.
    cake and balloons  Celebrating a birthday this month?  Join Mrs. Prince in the cafeteria for a cinnamon roll.

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