• How long does an online course typically take to complete?
    We suggest 60 hours of study for each course.  All courses are self paced so you can be online at times convenient for you and can complete your class early.  You can choose from 9 week or 18 week courses during the traditional school year. Enrollment can begin on any Monday when school is in session.
    Why do I have to have my counselor's signature?
    Your school counselor is in the best position to give you advice regarding graduation requirements for your specific circumstances. They are familiar with recent changes to requirements and the impact on students educational decisions.
    How can I support my student in their online course?
    Distinguish between online learning time and free time on the computer. Setting aside time to work on their course, free from other distractions, is also important.
    Are Virtual School House courses as rigorous as face-to face courses?
    Yes, our courses follow Idaho standards and Common Core State Standards. We provide the same content a student would learn in a traditional classroom.
     Why do you ask for both a student and parent email address?
    This is how our administrative staff communicates with online students and their parents to save on mailing costs.  You will both receive initial login information and course progress information via email.