• Instructions:
    1.  Please CALL THE SCHOOL first to notify about your student's upcoming absence
    2.  Have a parent fill out this form and sign at the bottom.
    3.  The student will bring this form around to all their teachers so that the assignments for the missed days can be recorded.
    4.  This form is meant to be filled out a week in advance so that the teachers has plenty of time to prepare.
    5.  When the student has had all of their teachers complete the assignments section, please turn the second page into the front office.
    PLEASE NOTE: The attendance office will be UNAWARE of your absence if the form is not turned in to the office.
    7th & 8th Grade Exit Standards:  West Ada School District maintains that academic success is directly attributed to maintaining regular attendance throughout a semester and school year.  The expectation is that all 7th & 8th grade students will not miss more than 6 days per semester.  Students missing more than 12 days of school will need to petition the school review board to determine if middle school exit standards have been achieved.  (See policy 501.20 Middle School Attendance) If you have any questions, please see your grade level administrator.