• EMS  
    Attendance Information 
  • If your student will be out for the entire day, please call the attendance line:


    If your student needs to leave early, please call the main line:


     Email: berggren.ralynn@westada.org


    EMS Tardy Policy:

    All students MUST check in and out through the front office when coming late or leaving early.  If the student is at a medical appointment, ask for a school note before leaving the appointment and bring it when you check in at school. We ask parents to call the office to excuse a tardy to Advisory. Students receiving 3 or more unexcused tardies will receive a lunch detention.


    Picking up a student early:

    • Parents may call ahead to have your child in the office waiting at a specific time (208-350-4255).
    • Per our Health and Safety Plan, please call the office when you have arrived in the parking lot and we will send your child out to you.
    • Please bring in a note to the office if your child was attending a doctor, dentist, eye doctor, therapist, etc.


    Attendance Procedure for In-School days:

    Please call the attendance line (208-350-4256) to let us know if your child will physically not be in school. If your student is absent on an in-person day, they do not need to check in for on-line attendance like they would if they were on a remote learning day. They are still responsible to check the work placed in MS Teams by their teacher.

    NOTE: Students absent from their "in-person" school day can find make-up work in MS Teams. This is different from the work that will be provided for remote learning days. The "in-person" school days include classroom instruction that the students will be missing.

    Students are allowed six (6) absences per class period during the semester. Students who receive seven (7) absences in any class will be at risk to lose credit, unless cleared by the attendance office as extraordinary within five (5) days of the absences. The only way to waive an absence is with a medical note. All other absences even with a parent call will be counted as part of the 6 absences per semester.




    Trips for Team Sports:

    There may be instances when a student’s sports event will overlap with the school calendar. For absence not to count against the student’s 6 unverified absences limit, the following step must take place:

    1. Submit a letter from the coach at least two (2) weeks prior to the trip with dates of absence(s). The letter may include all dates for the season.
    2. Student will pick up a Pre-Arranged Absence Form from the office to get completed by teachers and return to office prior to each trip.
    3. Student must have passing grades in all classes to not count absence against them.
    4. Student does not have any truancies or school suspensions.



    Extracurricular Activities:

    Middle school students must be in attendance at school the entire school day in order to participate in extracurricular activities after school in in the evening of that same day. Exceptions include situations beyond the control of the student such as court appearance, bereavement, medical/dental appointments, etc. Students, who are suspended, including in-school suspension for a major discipline offence, are not allowed to practice or participate in school activities that day.



    If a family trip is planned during the school year, a few steps are needed to ensure that all teachers and staff are aware of the student’s location:

    1. Contact the attendance office (208) 350-4255 to begin the Pre-Arranged Absence process at least two weeks prior to the trip.
    2. Provide the student’s name, grade and dates of absence.
    3. A Pre-arranged form will be generated for the student to take to each teacher. The teacher will write assignments on this form or direct you to their website.
    4. The form will go home with the student for the parent’s signature.
    5. The student will return the form to the attendance secretary; copies will be made for the student’s file and one for the student.



    The days out of school will count against the allowed six (6) absences per semester. The West Ada School District maintains that academic success is directly attributed to maintaining regular attendance throughout the school year.

    Extraordinary Absences There may be instances when a trip or event has evidence of the educational experience. In order to receive Extraordinary coding, the following step must take place:

    1. Call the attendance office prior to trip with dates, type of trip and request for extraordinary absence.
    2. Submit a letter of request to an assistant principal at least two (2) weeks prior to the trip.
    3. Student must have passing grades in all classes
    4. Not exceed six (6) absences in a traditional schedule or four (4) absences in a block schedule prior to the request
    5. Student does not have any truancies or school suspensions
    6. Work requested from classes will be completed prior to the first day back to class
    7. Submit a one page project paper for each class with information that substantiates the educational purpose of the trip as it relates to each specific class missed. The papers are due to the assistant principal upon return to school. 


    Attendance Procedure for remote learning days:

    Please refer to the information provided by each teacher for attendance procedures for each class. Teachers have created routines for the "at-home"/remote learning days to help them account for attendance. Teachers are using a variety of ways to track "at-home" attendance, a few examples include using MS Forms, typing in the chat or conversation or some form of assessment/exit ticket that shows the students engaged in the classwork that day. Teachers have communicated these routines to their students and have put information in their MS Class Teams to remind them. If your student is marked absent on an "at-home"/remote learning day and you feel there was an error, please reach out to the teacher to see if they can verify attendance for the day. ALL UNVERIFIED ABSENCES WILL BE TURNED INTO TRUANCY AFTER 48 HOURS.