• Your School Counselor

    Ms. Sears is the full time counselor at Pathways. Mrs. Thomas is the College and Career Counselor on Monday mornings. The school counselor can be a great resource to help make connections, get support, and learn a lot about yourself. The counseling office is located in the main office. If you would like to contact us please call 208-350-4040, click on the links above, or email sears.dara@westada.org.

    What Does a School Counselor Do?

    School Counselors…

    Design, implement, and manage a data-driven, comprehensive school counseling program that fulfills the mission of the school by:

    • Working individually with students - Students can request to meet with me by completing a request slip in the office
    • Creating small groups – Students can sign up for topic-specific small groups
    • Teaching social/emotional, academic, and college and career curriculum in the classroom setting

    Collaborate with students, parents, staff, and the community to create a caring, supportive school climate where students can demonstrate:

    • College and Career Readiness: Students can show pride for their future as productive, contributing members of society by setting appropriate college and career goals. School Counselors help students consider their high school and career options. We can explore personal qualities, financial goals, and educational strengths to match career paths, personal strenghts, and ambitions.
    • Academic Success: Students can learn to persevere through academic challenges to realize their full academic potential and achieve academic success. School Counselors help support learning in scohol, help students prepare for high school, and make connections between students' academic lives and future opportunties. 
    • Social and Emotional Growth: Students can create positive relationships through appropriate social and emotional skills and optimal personal growth. Counselors can also work with students to develop interpersonal skills, increase their sense of a positive-self, and provide support through the many emotions students face. They can also help students work on decision making, goal setting, and supporting steps to accomplish those goals. Counselors are also there to help in crisis situations and help support families in need.


    Confidentiality is important in the counseling relationship. Sometimes, confidentiality must be broken to protect the safety and well-being of your child. These are called Exceptions to Confidentiality. Counselors are required by law to report any information that includes:

    • You want to harm yourself
    • Someone is harming you or has harmed you
    • You want to hurt someone else
    • Any illegal or sexual activity

    If you have any questions about the boundaries of confidentiality, please feel free to contact your school counselor.

    Counseling Mission Statement

    The Pathways Middle School counseling program will prepare students to meet future challenges through connecting with others and themselves, and building upon their individual successes. 

    Counseling Vision Statement 

    Students are empowered to show pride for themselves and their work, demonstrate perseverance through challenging siutations, and create positive relationships to nurture their growth and development. Through support from the school counselor, access to guidance curriculum, and an understanding of college and career opportunties, all students will progress towards college and career readiness and succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.