Computer Lab Directions

  • If you would like to reserve lab time please contact Christie Nichols or Sherri Hobart in the Media Center with the dates and times. (Example: Please book my class on the main floor for the 2nd 1/2 of 2A on Oct 3rd.) Teachers may reserve computer lab time for either the first or second half of each block and no more than two times for each class each week. If your plans change, please contact the Media Center so that we can open up the time slots for others.
    The main floor has 26 computers and enough laptops to accommodate a full class. 
    The library also has 2 laptop carts available to reserve.  Please email the cart name, date and periods of your reservation to Christie Nichols or Sherri Hobart.  
    daily schedule

Main Floor

Laptop Cart X (testing)

Laptop Cart Y