Counselor Contact Information

  • Need to see your Grade Level Counselor?

    1. Report any safety concerns to a teacher or staff member, and that adult will immediately report to the grade level counselor or grade level administrator.
    2. Email your counselor requesting a pass.  Please include a brief explanation of your concern.  Your counselor will send you a pass to come to the Counseling Office.

    Ellen Estes, 6th Grade Counselor,  

    Donna Hensley, 7th Grade Counselor, 

    Tiffany Myers, 8th Grade Counselor,


  • Contact Information


    Ellen Estes

    Ellen Estes, 6th Grade Counselor

    Available: Monday-Friday  



    Donna Hensley

    Donna Hensley, 7th Grade Counselor

    Available: Monday-Friday



     Tiffany Myers

    Tiffany Myers, 8th Grade Counselor

    Available: Tuesday-Friday

    Phone: 208-855-4200




    JaLynn Kiger, Registrar & Counseling Secretary

    Available: Monday-Friday

    Phone: 208-855-4200