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Carrie Gammon


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My Name is Miss Gammon and I have been involved in computers as long as I can remember. 

As a child I was always taking apart computers and puttng them back together; and also fixing family and friemds computers; Macs and PCs alike.

I learned all about technology and computers on my own experimentation, building html websites as a pre-teen, games, phone applications, and all sorts of experimentation; and also training through school. 

I attended Sacramento State Unviersity while I was still in high school, Folsom Community College during summer break focusing on Computer Science and then graduted my 4 year college Loyola Marymount University learning many subjects, and also studied abroad at Oxford University.  All of these places I delveloped many skills to help me on my teaching career.  

I continue to develope my skills through courses especially focused on new computer progrmas, STEM activities, applications, and coding.  The way of the future!

My students love to hear that I worked on many films while living in Los Angeles in the special affects department and have also been a Game Master for a very popular online game.

In my free time I love art and studied it for over 30 years, photography, crop gardening, outdoor activities in beautiful Idaho, animal rescue (I worked at a Zoo years ago!), reading, glass making and blowing, sailing and boating, snorkeling and scuba diving, palentology, archaeology, astronomy, Egytology, and traveling all around the world!  I'm a bit of a foodie destination traveler as well as a thrill seeker.  I'm also an avid Geo-Cacher!

I'd like to take all of my past experiences and love for technology, computers, VR, robotics, AI, and integrate that to the curriculum of all of my students.  This is the way of the future and I want them to be prepared and to enjoy their learning process.





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