• The Assessment and Accountability Department is responsible for administering district and state standardized tests.  In addition, theStandardize Testing department compiles the results of those tests for several purposes.  The most important is reporting to students, parents, and teachers the results of these assessments so the information can be used to match a student's education to the progress demonstrated on the assessments.  

    Assessments administered by the Department of Assessment and Accountability are:

    -ACCESS 2.0
    -Civics Test
    -District Writing Assessment (DWA)
    -Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI)
    -Idaho Standards Achievement Test by SBAC (ISAT)
    -K-2 Math Outcome
    -Student Aptitude Test (PSAT & SAT)
    Assessments are administered within a window of time. For specific dates when these tests are administered, please contact your child's school.