• Math Fact Fluency

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 10/10/2019

    Third graders started their timed multiplication and division tests today.  Our first level is X2 facts.  Students have to complete all the problems (only missing 1) in 2 minutes to move to the next level.  The next level will be divided by 2.   In order for me to do a fast turn around on notifying students what level to study, I will only grade the tests that have a possibility of moving to the next level.  If a student is stuck on a level, flashcards will be sent home for additional practice.  


    At home help:  Please help me out at home by going over your child's test with him/her, checking the test that was just taken, and by practicing flash cards each night.  


    Thank you in advance for helping at home.  Fact fluency is a very important skill for students to have mastered for fourth grade where they will solve multiple digit multiplication and division.  


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  • Give Week

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 10/9/2019

    Give week and Red Ribbon Week Schedule for October 14-18th.   Each day has a charitable theme and a dress theme.

    Monday - Family Advocates – Pajama Day - We’ve got big dreams and there’s no room in them for drugs!

    Tuesday – Women’s & Children’s Alliance – Wear Neon - Shine so bright we see your light! Don't let drugs dull your sparkle!

    Wednesday – Book It Forward – Crazy Hair Day - We're Crazy about Books and being Drug Free!

    Thursday – Idaho Foodbank – Wear Space Themes - There's no space in my life for drugs!

    Friday – Wear Red for Red Ribbon Week – Nothing Bundt Cakes will host a bake sale - It's nothing but (bundt) Drug Free for me!


    Give Week Info

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  • Weekly Update for 10/8/19

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 10/8/2019

    Reading:  We are reading "Bat Loves the Night".  Our focus skill is sequence of events . 

    Spelling:  Weekly Pattern:  words with long vowel and short vowel sounds

    Writing: Narrative writing using our WWW strategy

    Math:  Solving word problems invovling time intervals within 1 hour

    Science:  Animals through Time - examine how physical traits can be influenced by the environment

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  • PTA Reflections Art Contest

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 10/4/2019


    Does your student enjoy art, music or dance, or have an interest in writing, producing films or taking photos? Then join us and have fun unleashing your inner artist with PTA Reflections! This year’s theme, “Look Within,” calls for your own unique interpretation through the arts. Pick up an entry packet and category specific rules/guidelines today from the Reflections bulletin board in the main hallway or download your forms from thegalileopta.com and submit your original entry to the front office by Friday, November 8th, 2019.

    For further information please visit PTA.org/Reflections or contact Traci Cook at traci3cook@gmail.com. Thank you for your support of not only your young artists but of our program here at Galileo…without you we could not make this wonderful opportunity happen to showcase the incredible talent we have at our school! We look forward to seeing all the amazing artwork our talented Galileo students can create!

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  • Weekly Update for 9/30/19

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 9/30/2019

    Reading:  We are reading "Roberto Clemente".  Our focus skill is cause and effect. 

    Spelling:  Weekly Pattern:  words with long i spelled ie, i, ight

    writing: Narrative writing using our WWW strategy

    Math:  Telling time to the minute

    Science:  Animals through Time - examine how physical traits can be influenced by the environment



    October 2nd - Third Grade Bike Rodeo -- bring bike/scooter and a helmet

    October 7th - No School - Teacher Collaboration Day

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  • Third Grade Bike Rodeo

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 9/25/2019

    Next Wednesday, October 2nd, the third graders will be participating in a Bike Rodeo! It is a fun event where students will learn about bicycle and road safety. Students will want to bring their own bike or scooter to ride and a helmet. If you are not able to transport their bike/scooter to school on Wednesday morning or they do not have one, the YMCA will have some extra for students to share. Even if your child does not have their own bike/scooter to ride but do have a helmet, please send it with them as they will not be allowed to ride without one. The bike rodeo will take place in the small (bus) parking lot and there should be a designated area for you to drop off their bike/scooter before school. Otherwise please find a bike rack closest to that parking lot. Please have your child's bike labeled with their first and last name visible. The event is from 9:30-11:30. Bikes can be picked up anytime after that. 

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  • Weekly Update for 9/23/19

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 9/23/2019

    Reading:  We are reading "Pop's Bridge".  Our focus skill is compare and contrast. 

    Spelling:  Weekly Pattern:  words with long o spelled o, oa,  and ow

    writing: Narrative writing using our BME strategy

    Math:  Using distributive property 8X5=(3X5)+(5X5) and solving two step word problems 

    Science:  Animals through Time - life cycle of a mosquito



    October 7th - No School - Teacher Collaboration Day

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  • Weekly Update for 9/16/19

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 9/16/2019

    Reading:  We are reading "Destiny's Gift".  Our focus skill is understanding characters. 

    Spelling:  Weekly Pattern:  words with long a spelled ai and ay and words with long e spelled ee and ea

    Writing:  Narrative writing using our BME strategy

    Math:  Solving mulitplication and division problems using units of 4  

    Science:  Animals thorugh Time - why living in a pack is useful

    Social Studies:  Identifying the purpose of the Consitution



    September 17th - Popcorn money due

    September 20th - Picture Day!  

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  • Popcorn Fridays Order Form

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 9/9/2019

    Please turn in order forms with payment to the office or have your child turn it into me and I will pass it along to the office.  Forms are due by September 17th.  


    Popcorn Friday Order Form

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  • Weekly Update for 9/9/19

    Posted by Deborah Unger on 9/9/2019

    Reading:  We are reading "The Trial of Cardigan Jones".  Our focus skill is conclusions.

    Spelling:  Weekly Pattern:  words with VCe like in spoke

    Writing:  Opinion writing using our TREE strategy

    Math:  Distributuve property with arrays    9X3= 4X3 + 5X3

    Science:  Animals thorugh Time - how nature can slowly change the appearance of an animal using the process of selection



    September 17th - Popcorn money due

    September 20th - Picture Day!  


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