“Magic the Gathering” is the most popular and extensive collectable card game in the world with over 12 million registered players worldwide, and over 13,000 individual cards that you can use in the game.

    Created in 1993 by mathematics professor Richard Garfield in order to teach his kids math, and introduced by Wizards of the Coast, the game has fascinated and entertained all kinds of people for a LONG time. A perfect mixture of game play and structure, personal strategy and planning, a healthy dose of luck, and a million possibilities… we LOVE this game. Incidentally if you have ever played any card games like Pokemon, WoW, Yugio, Dragonball Z, Bakugan, etc… (there are thousands of them now) ALL of those games are based on Magic the gathering, and really, really wish they were Magic the Gathering. It is an economic powerhouse for Hasbro.

    Our club is about as casual play as you can get, and it is essentially about playing the game. You don’t need to know how to play at all, or even have a single card to your name to get involved, just show up.

    The club has a supply of cards and pre-built decks for anyone who wants to come and try it out and we would love to teach you how to play. If you have your own cards/decks/random assortment of cards from older relative we would love to play against you and/or help you build a deck that is awesome.

    If you want to have your own cards you can go to most stores (Target and Walmart are the closest for Eagle) and buy booster packs (15-45 random cards ) for about $4-$7. Or Smaller pre-built decks (40 to 75 specific cards) cost about $10-$15, or bigger collections/double decks for $20 to $40.

    But, again, you don’t need anything to come and play.

    We try to meet in RM 221 on every Thursday, starting Sept. 19th (Mrs. Poppler’s Birthday and International Talk like a Pirate Day) after school, 3:15 till about 4:00… (which does mean you will need to have your own transportation) if things change when we meet on any given week, we will let you know over the morning announcements.

     If you are involved in sports, or busy with something else and miss Magic the Gathering for a while that’s ok too… we do this ALL year long.

    Oh, and we don't take attendance or anything.... so it's not like we will do much more than miss your presence.

    If you have other questions or concerns please contact our advisory Mrs. Poppler in RM 221 or 216.