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  • Week Of:  March 18th - March 22nd








    World Civ.

    See Mr. Luque's person page


    Making the Peace

     Mr. Luque's Class Calendar

    Treaty of Versailles


      3rd quarter final


     3rd quarter final




    Finish #85 Genetic Advances

    #86 Germination Lab (Day 1)

    Make corrections on #85

    Genetics Ethics Discussion (Day 1)

    #86 Germination Lab (Day 2)

    Genetics Ethics Discussion (Day 2)

    #86 Germination Lab (Day 3)

    #86 Germination Lab (Day 4)

    Conclusion write-up due at end of class 

    No School!


    Have a Great Spring Break!


    ELA– Lawton

     Review for test

    Journals Due

    Go to library

    Retake vocab quiz

    Take The Call of the Wild test

    Introduce Bio & Autobiograhy unit



    Introduce Grammar Unit


     Nouns work

    Finish any missing work


     No School!

    Have a wonderful Spring Break! 


    ELA– Nielson


    Starting the Call of the Wild

    Checking on Iditarod mushers

    To the library




    Call of the Wild Call of the Wild Call of the Wild Voc Quiz




     See Mrs. Gallegos's personal webpage

     Mrs. Gallegos's Webpage






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