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    World Civ.

    See Mr. Luque's person page

     Mr. Luque's Class Calendar








    -Review #34 Digestive System

    -Write hypothesis and problem to Cracker Lab #35
    -#35 Cracker Lab

    -#35 Cracker Lab Conclusion

    -Demo Day 😊
    - #36 Digestive System Study Guide -#37 Digestive System Quiz


    ELA– Lawton

    Check off intro. paragraph & conclusion paragraph

    Start to write body paragraphs




    Work on paper




    Work on paper

    Jury for Mr. Luque 2nd half


    Work on paper

    Jury for Mr. Luque 2nd half

    Read-in if rough draft is done

    Work on paper

    Jury for Mr. Luque 2nd half


    ELA– Nielson


    Roll of Thunder- 

    Paper, "What is the theme of this book?" Begin with introduction.

    To the library




    Work on paper







    Work on paper

    Participate in a debate with Mr. Luque's World Civ class










    Work on paper

    Participate in debate









     Quiz on vocabulary words

    Participate in debate.








     See Mrs. Gallegos's personal webpage

     Mrs. Gallegos's Webpage






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