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  • Week Of:  November 11-November 15








    World Civ.


    Island Govt  activity / finish How Renaissance Changed Man's Views Due Tuesday HOMEWORK IF NOT DONE IN CLASS


    Debat Best Form of Govt. 

    Debat Best Form of Govt. 


    Debat Best Form of Govt. 


    Quiz on Best Forms of Governemtn

    Read English Civil War background red Human Heritage text

    in class




    #37 Skeletal System Study Guide


    i-Body Project

       Bone Anatomy

    H.W. - Study #37 for tomorrow's quiz

    i-Body Project

       Finish Bone             Anatomy

    Take #38 Skeletal System Quiz

    Read pgs. 482 - 485 of text

    Complete #39 Muscle Questions

    Complete #40 Skeletal Muscles

    Use #39 to complete Muscle Types Chart for i-Body

    Attach chart to       i-Body and draw muscles

    i-Body Check #1 Due

    Make corrections on #38 Skeletal System Quiz

    i-Body Project 

       Draw, color and     label muscles


    ELA– Lawton

    10 minute grammar

    Introduce introduction paragraph toolbox

    Start working on introduction paragraph

    Check off T-charts

    Checking off introduction paragraph tomorrow

    Go to library


    10 minute grammar quiz

    Introduce conclusion paragraph toolbox

    Start working on conclusion paragraph

    Have introduction paragraph checked off

    Highlight thesis: 

    Introduce City of Ember paper



    Grammar punctuation practice worksheet – due Thursday

    Identify strong introduction paragraphs & thesis as a class.

    Start writing the whole paper as a whole paper on line paper.

    Rough draft will be checked off tomorrow




    Review how to peer edit

    Introduce peer editing sheets

    Check off rough drafts

    Sign-up for peer edit appointments

    Start to peer edit






    Start rewrite based upon peer edit suggestions

    Get two more peer edits

    Do second rewrite based upon peer edits


    ELA– Nielson




    Finish City of Ember

    Novel test

    Grammar- Capitalization




    Watch movie and follow along with a Venn Diagram


    Brainstorm for writing paper about the theme of City of Ember


    T-Chart of City of Ember paper


     Quiz on Capitalization 

    Begin writing paper





Team Incredibles


    Welcome to 7th grade and our AMAZING Team Incredibles' family!

    We are really excited to meet all of our new students and get the year started.

    To kick things off, we would like to invite all of our students' parents/guardians to our 

    Team Incredibles' Open House Night. This is a great opportunity for all of us to meet,

    and for us to provide you with some helpful information, to help make this school year the best ever.  

    Date: September 5th, 2019

    Time: 6:30 pm

    Location: LSMS Library 


     Team Incredibles' Overview

    Please read and go over our team overview & expectations with your student.

    You can find a link to it on the right hand side of the page.  


    Team Incredible's Updates      

    We are in need of Kleenex. Please have your child bring in a box to their advisory teacher. 


    Thank you and we look forward to a great year ahead!

    LSMS Team Incredibles

    Miss Lawton

    Mrs. Nielson

    Mrs. Price

    Mr. Luque

  • A Note From Team Incredibles

    Parents, please take a moment and click on the link below to register with Parent Power School.

    On the site you are able to set it up so you receive a weekly grade report of your student's grades.

    We HIGHLY recommend everyone does this.