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  • Week Of: September 17-21st








    World Civ.

    See Mr. Luque's person page

     Mr. Luque's Class Calendar








    #6 Characteristics of Life/Microscope Review

    Play review game

    Take #7 Characteristics of Life/Microscope Quiz

    #8 Plant and Animal Cell Diagram and Functions


    #9 Cell Theory 

    Organelle Pun/ Advertisment project

    Due at on Thursday

    #10 Plant and Animal Cell Lab (Day 1)


    #10 Plant and Animal Cell Lab (Day 2) - Due at end of period


    ELA– Lawton


    10 minute grammar

    Finish Florence Letter and 9/11 reflection

    Go to library

    10 minute grammar

    Finish Narrative Story

    10 minute grammar

    Start short story Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

    10 minute grammar

    Finish Rikki-Tikki-Tavi


    Start writing sequel to Rikki-Tikk-Tavi

    Spelling test 

    Grammar quiz


    ELA– Nielson


    To the library

    Lit Terms notes and powerpoint

    9-11 Reading/work and discussion


    Lit Terms Review



    Non Fiction Reading/Finding Evidence

    Vocab Review

     Nonfiction Reading/Finding Evidence

    Quizzes on Lit Terms and Vocab/Spelling





     See Mrs. Gallegos's personal webpage

     Mrs. Gallegos's Webpage






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    Thank you and we look forward to a great year ahead!

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