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    review for final

    George Stevens"

    "Dairy of  Anne Frank"  

    Noon release

    finals for

    block A & B


    Final for

    Block C


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    -No School


    -Poetry Portfolio Due

    -Review for final


    -Poetry Final

    -ELA Post Test

    -ELA Post Test

    *Have a Great Summer!

    Life Science

    -No School

    -Reveiw for EOC Final Exams

    -2nd, 4th, and 7th Period Finals

    -1st and 6th Period Finals

    -3rd and 8th Period Finals

     World Civilizations

    No School - Memorial Day

    Semester 2 Study Guide Questions

    Final Exams: 

    2nd, 4th, & 7th periods

    Final Exams: 

    1st & 6th periods

    Final Exams: 

    3rd & 8th periods

In 7th grade students are assigned to middle school teams. Each team consists of approximately 150 students and 4 teachers; a Life science teacher, a World Civilizations teacher, and 2 English Language Arts (ELA) teachers. On Team Discovery Mr. Hubler teaches Life Science, Mr. Watkins teaches World Civilizations and Mrs. Grigsby and Mrs. Saunders teach E.L.A. We welcome you and your students to Team Discovery where our goal is to provide students and their parents with the unity and personalized attention of a smaller student body within Lowell Scott Middle School. We work together to establish similar expectations and policies for our shared group of students. If your student was absent during Mr. Hubler's science class earlier in the day for some reason, they can ask any student next to them in ELA or World Civ. about what they missed. Additionally, we meet regularly as teachers to discuss which students appear to need assistance and to determine how to best accommodate each student's needs.