Every spring our students undergo a period of testing, and during this time, we, as a team, want to express support and make sure each of our students is at their best.  We encourage students to get enough rest, eat healthy meals and even try to avoid adding to their stress through homework or classroom assessments. In an effort to help encourage everyone on Team Discovery, we invite parents to help us provide our kids with a team breakfast on every day that they are scheduled to test.  We gather in Mrs. Baker's room prior to school and during that day's advisory and enjoy a breakfast, each other's company and camraderie. Mrs. Baker has sent emails inviting parents and students to sign up to bring fruit, granola bars, muffins, bagels, go-gurts etc.  If you haven't received an email from her, she can be reached at <Baker.Robin@westada.org>.  Below is posted the links to sign up to bring food, arranged by class period and  the ISAT testing calendar. 

    1st period Science Class

    3rd period Science Class

    4th period Science Class

    6th period Science Class

    7th period Science Class

    8th period Science Class



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In 7th grade students are assigned to middle school teams. Each team consists of approximately 150 students and 4 teachers; a Life science teacher, a World Civilizations teacher, and 2 English Language Arts (ELA) teachers. On Team Discovery Mrs. Baker teaches Life Science, Mr. Watkins teaches World Civilizations and Mrs. Grigsby and Mrs. Saunders teach E.L.A. We welcome you and your students to Team Discovery where our goal is to provide students and their parents with the unity and personalized attention of a smaller student body within the much larger Lowell Scott Middle School student body. We work together to establish similar expectations and policies for our shared group of students. For example, if a student is absent from science, he or she can ask any classmate in their World Civilization or E.L.A. class about what was missed. Additionally, we meet regularly as teachers to discuss how to best accommodate for each of our students' individual needs.

    • ELA 7
      • 1 1/2 inch binder for ELA only
      • lined paper - over the course of the year we will use multiple reams of lined paper in ELA. 
    • World Civilization
      • 2 composition books - 1 per semester
    • Life Science
      • 2 composition books - 1 per semester


    • black or navy blue ink pens
    • 3 highlighters: 
      • 1 pink or oranges
      • 1 yellow
      • 1 green
    • Mechanical or #2 pencils
    • A set of colored pencils 
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