• HOURS: 7:20 AM - 3:20 PM Daily, open for lunch


    Library Media Specialist: Kara Louie (louie.kara@westada.org)

    Assistants: Cora Anderson (anderson.cora@westada.org) Keva Fisher fisher.keva@westada.org



    The MHS library is your all-in-one stop for anything you might need for assignments.  We have computers and printers that you need to create projects or print papers.  We have the supplies you need to color, glue, and cut.  But most importantly, we have the people to help you get the information you need.  Never forget, the librarians are there for you to help.  Utilize them, they will cheerfully get you what you need.


    Circulation policies:

    Library books check out for 2 weeks at a time. Textbooks can be checked out for 3 days at a time unless you are checking out a book for a specific class. Those will be checked out for the semester or year depending on the class.

    Students may check out up to 5 library books at a time. Students with overdue books or lost/damaged fines on their account may not check out additional titles until their account is clear. Those fines can be paid at the bookkeeping office. 

    We do not charge late fines! We do ask that you return or renew your books by the due date.



    The MHS library believes the best downtime is spent having fun with friends, face to face.  We have a large collection of games for check out, come in and play.  The library is also open before school and during lunch for the student body to come in, sit down, and simply spend time with friends.  The MHS library is a safe, relaxed place where all are welcome and the simple pleasures of time with friends can be had. If a lost book is paid for and then found and returned during the same school year, a refund will be generated.


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