• Happy Last Monday of 2018-2019!

    This week we are continuing with Tuck Everlasting.  We are getting to all the good parts!  The kids are really excited about it and want me to keep reading!

    We have finished Geometry and are now moving on with measurement and conversions.  We worked on measurement earlier in the year, but it was the metric system.  We are now concentrating on the American (standard) system, which is a little more difficult!

    The kids are wrapping up their Genius Hour projects.  We will begin presenting tomorrow and finish this week.  They are supposed to present on the occupation they chose to learn about!  I'm excited to see what they came up with!

    No more field trips this year :(   

    Like I said in the earlier email, Field Day will be on the 29th in the afternoon.  We had two volunteers to stay with the class (Thanks Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Judd!) If you would still like to help out, you can volunteer to run one of the events for all of the classes.  There should be a sign-up email getting sent out soon!

    Next Friday is a half day!  We will be having Lunch on the Lawn.  If your child is choosing Subway for the day, those forms are due tomorrow.  They look slightly different this time because I think they do this for several schools on the last day.  Please join your child for lunch on this day!  You can also check them out when you are done eating.  It's a a half day and all kids will be dismissed at 1:25.

    Please let me know if you have an end-of-the-year questions!

  • Monday: Read for 20 minutes.

    Tuesday: Read for 20 minutes. 

    Wednesday: Read for 20 minutes.  

    Thursday: Read for 20 minutes.  Homework due tomorrow!

    Friday: Nothing...yet... 


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