• 8th Grade Girl's Basketball - UPDATE!!

    8th Grade Girls Basketball will now start on October 26th.  You can sign up right now by clicking on the "Athletic On Line Participation Forms" link on the LHMS home page. In order to particpate, those forms need to be completed, an activity card need to be purchased ($22.26 - one time purchase for school year) and a $90 district Participation fee needs to be paid.

    To make sure we are able to be as safe as possible - we will limit 8th grade basketball to only 24 players (2 teams).  There will be an A and a B team.  If there are more than 24 players who sign up - unfortunately we will have to make cuts this year. 

    8th Grade Girl's Basketball
    8th Grade Girl's Basketball Parent Meeting - Tuesday October 27 - 5:00pm in Main Gym
    You can fill out the participation form online by clicking the link below.
    Tryouts/Practice will begin October 26h
    The athletic fees are due by October 26th. 
    For further information and contact information, please refer to the LHMS sports website.
    7th Grade Girl's Basketball 
    APRIL 19 - MAY 20
    There will be an "A" team, with the rest of the players creating equal "B" teams.  
    Game dates and sites TBD.
    There is a $90 district participation fee - due by April 19 (District athletic fee waived if two sports have previously been paid).  Athletes also need to have purchased an activity card.


Athletic Forms

  • Click the following link to fill out the Participation Form as well as sign the Concussion Consent Form online - both are required to participate in any sport in the West Ada School District

    Athletic Forms for LHMS


    If you would rather not fill out the forms online, you can print off the forms using the links below. All forms need to be returned to Head Coach before athlete may start practicing.

    Paper copies of the Participation Form as well as the Concussion Consent Form 

    Participation Form

    Concussion Written Consent Form

Athletic Fees

  • An activity card is required to participate in athletics at any West Ada Middle School. It costs $22.26. This money stays at the school and helps run our athletic department. This is a onetime fee – once purchased, it is good for the entire school year.


    The $90 participation fee goes to the district. This fee helps supplement athletic bussing and coaching stipends throughout the district. This is a required fee for the first two sports of the school year. Once an athlete has participated and payed the $90 two times, all other sports during that school year are free. (ex. – if your student participates in Cross Country and Wrestling, the rest of the year's sports would be free.)



    If you would like to pay your fees online you can at myschoolfees.com.

    You may also visit the bookkeeper at Lake Hazel Middle School and pay at the school.