• The Joint School District No. 2 requires all students to complete a Senior Project. The Senior Project is a compilation of researching, writing a technical paper, incorporating technology, and presenting the final product to a panel. In order to graduate, students must demonstrate proficiency in all of the previously mentioned areas of the Senior Project. Following are common questions students and parents have regarding the Senior Project.

    Why does the Meridian School District require the Senior Project?
    The Joint School District No. 2 requires the Senior Project for several reasons. First, students will acquire many skills that are pertinent in today’s work place. Second, the Senior Project is an assessment showing a mastery of research, writing, and oral presentation skills. Third, the Senior Project functions as the performance assessment for speech. Finally, the Senior Project allows students the opportunity to meet district and state standards through this additional assessment.

    How will the Senior Project be graded?

    The Senior Project will be facilitated through both English and Government courses. Both courses will calculate the Senior Project as 25% of the student’s total grade in each course for the second semester.

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