In order to participation in Track and Field, you will need to complete a Participation Form (see link below) as well as purchase an Actvity Card and pay the Participation Fee (see links below).



          All practices will be held after school Monday through Thursday, from 3:30 – 4:45 pm.  With the exception of minimum days and when there is no school. Spikes are not supposed to be used at practice, only for meets, and even then they are not a necessity in middle school.  Make sure to bring warm clothes to school for practice (sweats, sweatshirts, windbreakers, etc.).  This is an outdoor sport, which means outdoor clothes.


    Attendance:  All track athletes are expected to be at every practice.  Parents may excuse athletes from practice with a written note or phone call to one of the coaches before the missed practice.  Athletes are allowed one unexcused absence and two excused absences.  Two unexcused absences will constitute dismissal from the track program.


    Behavior:  Student-athletes are expected to listen and follow directions of all the coaches.  The LHMS students handbook outlines the code of conduct required of each student-athlete.  Students will be dismissed from the team for violating these rules.



    Uniforms are issued to each track participant.   They are to be worn ONLY at meets. We should NOT see them at practice or at school at anytime. They will need to be returned after the district track meet to any of the coaches.  If a student loses the uniform, he/she will be responsible for the cost of it. 



          All student-athletes are expected to participate in meets.  They are held every Friday from about 4:00 pm until 7:30 pm.


    Transportation/Check-Out: This an extremely important issue that the students and parents MUST understand. There will be busing to and from LHMS for each meet. The athletes will be checked on the bus, and district policy mandates that THEY MUST BE SIGNED OUT BY THE LEGAL PARENT/GUARDIAN before they can leave the track meet. The only exception to this rule is a signed note (no phone calls or texts) given to the coach prior to loading the bus for the meet. For example, a note giving permission for the athlete to ride home with a specific friend or family member that day. The buses cannot leave after the meet until all athletes are accounted for, and that means the coach riding the bus must call each individual athlete to ascertain their whereabouts if they are not on the bus or checked out. An athlete will be given ONE WARNING for not signing out. The next time they are not signed out properly, they will be dismissed from the team.


    Meet Behavior: Athletes will sit respectfully as a team in the stands and will NOT be on the rails obstructing the view of spectators.  If athletes leave the bleachers, they must check with a coach first.  Students are expected to listen and be on the field when their event is called and pay attention to the 1st, 2nd and last calls for events. The team area will be clean of all trach before leaving the stadium.


    Order of Events


    Running Events:                      Field Events:

     1600 Meter                               Shot Put

     100 Meter Hurdles                     Discus

     4X200 Meter Relay                    Long-Jump

     100 Meter                                 Triple-Jump

     400 Meter                                 High-Jump

     4X100 Meter Relay

     800 Meter

     200 Meter Hurdles

     Sprint Medley Relay

     200 Meter

     4X400 Meter Relay



Athletic Forms

  • Click the following link to fill out the Participation Form as well as sign the Concussion Consent Form online - both are required to participate in any sport in the West Ada School District

    Athletic Forms for LHMS


    If you would rather not fill out the forms online, you can print off the forms using the links below. All forms need to be returned to Head Coach before athlete may start practicing.

    Paper copies of the Participation Form as well as the Concussion Consent Form 

    Participation Form

    Concussion Written Consent Form

Athletic Fees

  • An activity card is required to participate in athletics at any West Ada Middle School. It costs $22.26. This money stays at the school and helps run our athletic department. This is a onetime fee – once purchased, it is good for the entire school year.


    The $90 participation fee goes to the district. This fee helps supplement athletic bussing and coaching stipends throughout the district. This is a required fee for the first two sports of the school year. Once an athlete has participated and payed the $90 two times, all other sports during that school year are free. (ex. – if your student participates in Cross Country and Wrestling, the rest of the year's sports would be free.)



    If you would like to pay your fees online you can at myschoolfees.com.

    You may also visit the bookkeeper at Lake Hazel Middle School and pay at the school.