• It is our pleasure to welcome you to Prospect Elementary.   Nestled in the picturesque Copper Basin Subdivision on the south side of McMillan Road between Locust Grove and Meridian Road, our school opened in the fall of 2006 with a design capacity to serve approximately 650 students. Serving children in kindergarten through fifth grade, we are dedicated to ensuring a safe and caring learning environment in which all of our students strive to reach their greatest potential.

    It is the intent of our faculty to lead students toward being disciplined, productive, informed, and fulfilled individuals. To achieve these ideals, we use a collaborative model for goal setting and planning instruction. Implementing the Common Core Standards, we have set high standards for academic achievement. Our highly trained staff makes deliberate efforts to utilize their experience and expertise to ensure that students are actively engaged in their learning.  We incorporate Love and Logic techniques and our students are well-behaved and eager to learn.  

    We are pleased to continue the tradition of  Morning Meetings in which our students and staff come together to celebrate each other,good character, foster lifetime skills, as well as promote a strong school community.

    Mutual respect and understanding are present in the learning processes at Prospect Elementary on the part of our faculty, students, parents and the community. Together, we create positive and productive learning experiences for our students!   We are fortunate to have an excellent PTA, parents,and community members who are active and supportive in our classrooms and throughout the school. They truly are our partners in education!  We welcome you to our school and encourage you to become actively involved in the education of your children.   

     Our Mission Statement:  "Empowering students to become lifelong learners.  Create!  Inspire!  Contribute!"