Digital Citizenship, Cyber Safety, Cyberbullying, and Responsible Use

Handout The West Ada School District’s mission is “Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Challenges”.

Integral to this mission is teaching our students digital citizenship. Digital Citizenship refers to the concept of using technology resources appropriately, ranging from etiquette and communication skills, to copyright issues and the legal implications of one’s actions.

West Ada expects that all students demonstrate respect, compassion, integrity, and self-discipline in face-to-face environments as well as online and in digital environments.
West Ada takes student safety very seriously. West Ada provides safeguards for Internet access, and all district Internet access is filtered as much as possible to prevent access to inappropriate material on the web while balancing student access to information.
The district Internet access is in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. 

Policy Links

Elementary Safety Videos

Resource Links

Below are some links and resources that will help parents and students learn more about digital citizenship:

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Middle/High Safety Videos

Additional videos can be found at the following links:
Elementary Level - Net Smartz Kids -
Middle School Level -  NSTeens -
High School Level -  Net Smartz Teens -