• Preparing today's students for tomorrow's challenges.

    At Pioneer, students enjoy …

    Positive Environment: Pioneer is a K-5 Magnet Arts Program that strives to foster a safe, supportive, and intellectually stimulating learning environment.

    Learning for All: Pioneer’s staff effectively responds to the needs of all learners by differentiating instruction, integrating visual and performing arts, and instilling a lifelong love of learning.

    Innovative Instruction: A synthesis of traditional core instruction and innovative arts integration supports the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and artistic development of the “whole child.”

    Why Focus on the Arts?

    Educational research demonstrates that a focus on the arts helps students become better readers and problem solvers, especially when arts are integrated as part of the school’s daily curriculum. Through an arts infused curriculum, Pioneer students learn to utilize higher-order thinking skills such as critical thinking, analyzing, and decision-making.

    Teachers at Pioneer creatively address state and district standards by utilizing visual and performing arts activities in the classroom. These experiences provide a means for students to construct their own knowledge and a deeper understanding of important concepts.

    Skillfully integrated arts-based activities (singing, dancing, painting, sculpting, drawing, playing music, and more) enhance student learning and help students acquire basic developmental skills.