• We love parent volunteers at Chief Joseph! Although current health and safety conditions do not allow volunteers or visitors within the bldg, we're hopeful that will soon change. Please contact your child's teacher if interested in volunteering at school at some point this school year. 

    All parent volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Registration form each school year. A link for the form is below, or is available at the office.

    Volunteers sign in & out using the Raptor Visitor Kiosk located on the foyer table by the office.
    First time volunteers will need to bring their drivers license, passport, or other state-issued ID, to the office to have it scanned into the Raptor system. After that initial "registration", visitors will be able to sign in at the Visitor Kiosk, by scanning their ID or typing in their name. A Visitor sticker will print out from the label maker to the right of the laptop (after a 30 second delay) for you to wear during your visit.