• This course is designed to teach individuals to perform marketing and management functions and tasks associated with owning and operating a small business. Students will develop a business plan, learn appropriate customer service and human relation skills and demonstrate positive work habits.


    This course provides an in-depth, hands-on introduction to business technologies used for business communication. Topics include communication through digital documents, presentations, data computation and presentation, as well as how to represent themselves through digital media to society. This course applies the principles of ethical and effective communication in the creation of business letters, memos, emails, as well as written and oral reports for a variety of business situations. Concepts taught in this course will satisfy local computer literacy requirements and prepares individuals to create business correspondence, reports, publications, and forms by using computer operating systems; word processing; database, spreadsheet, and desktop publishing software; hardware and peripherals. Related topics in this course include human relationships and effective communication, issue analysis, decision-making and problem-solving, leadership qualities and styles, and ensuring successful teamwork.


    I will add work to this website when I can.  you can also find the worksheets in my teacher HAND OUT FOLDER


    Unit 1 - Employment Portfolio


    I want you to create a folder in your H drive and in your binder with the following information in this order.  I will give you points (possible extra credit) for keeping a binder and folder organized.  Organization is one of the key components to a successful business.  


    1. Job Application (sample application) Job App
    2. Cover Letter (your cover letter)  Cover letter tips  cover letter rubric
    3. Letter of Recommendation Sample Letter of Recommendation
    4. Resume (your resume)  Resume handout  resume PPT
    5. The Job Shadow  
    6. The Interview  


    Unit 2 - Career Opportunity 

    1. Career Report
    2. Career Rubric


    Unit 3 Creating Your Business Plan

    Part 1

    1. Creating Your Business Plan Lecture Notes
    2. Pre-Assessment
    3. Business Plan Part 1
    4. Friendly Cafe Sample

    Part 2

    1. Swot Analysis
    2. Office layout example
    3. Hotel Room Example
    4. Flow Chart example
    5. Business Plan Part 2
    6. Full Business Plan sample
    7. Swot Image
    8. -Test

    Part 3

    1. Job Description Sample
    2. Friendly Cafe Sample
    3. Business Plan Part 3

     Forms of Business Ownership

    Ethical Issues 

    • Social Media
    • Harassment and discrimination
    • Health and Saftey 
    • Technology/privacy

    Social responsibility 

    • Create a social responsibility mission
    • establish attainable goals
    • Target good talent
    • collaborate with like-minded businesses and organizations

    Global issues

    • When entering new foreign countries, companies need to identify the specific benefits their product or service can bring to consumers in the market. ... To capitalize on its competitive advantage, a company has to understand both the culture in the new market as well as the expectations of the potential customers.
    • Global competition is the services or products provided by competing companies that serve international customers. ... Global competition has allowed companies to buy and sell their services internationally, which opens the door to increased profits and flattens the playing field in business.

    SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis)


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