Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Bill Hessing

I was born and raised here in the Treasure Valley.  I am a graduate of Capital High School and Fairmont Junior High School.  Growing up, I had 7 brothers to keep me in line and in hindsight, helped me learn and grow everyday.  I graduated from the University of Idaho in Civil Engineering.  While in college, I was the captain of the basketball team and played point guard.  I also took 2 years off to serve a full-time mission in Taiwan and still read and speak some Mandarin Chinese.  After graducation, my wife and I lived in Washington State and also upstate New York for a brief period of time.  We are fortunate to have 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls.  They have taught me many lessons over the years that I now find myself applying as a secondary school teacher.  I have worked in many technical fields but used my expertise in civil/sructural engineering very little.  I have worked as a nuclear submarine refueling engineer, an aerospace engineer, a mechnical design engineer, a residential design engineer, an engineering manager, and a locomotive engineer.   All of these experiences contribute greatly to my knowledge of many engineering disciplines.

I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.  I love to fish and hunt and just be outside.  It is soothing to be in the mountains where things are simple and life is all around you.  Engineering is about simplification also.  However, in order to work in the engineering environment, students must first learn to speak the language and  master tools used to analyze complex problems.  Before that, they must develop a curiosity to learn how mechanisms work and how to simplify them.  That is where teaching comes in.  The students come to us with a mixed bag of skills. strengths and weaknesses.  We attempt to grab their attention and feed and stretch their minds with ways to feel successful through skills development.  It is not always easy but to those that can discipline themselves to stretch and learn and sometimes fail before succeeding, it is rewarding.