Welcome to Rebound School of Opportunity
Program Description: Rebound offers students an opportunity to earn credits and a high school diploma through an online curriculum. All work is done on computers at Rebound with the support of Rebound staff.
Rebound offers the following:
  1. A comprehensive educational program for earning credits and retrieved dropouts leading to secondary completion (Rebound School of Opportunity high school diploma.)
  2. Early morning 7:30am-11:30am (AM Session) and mid-day 12:00pm-4:00pm (PM Session) school credit classes for potential dropouts and those with credit deficiencies. (Sessions are filled on a first come first serve basis.)
Vision Statement: Rebound is a comprehensive school with a reputation for quality academic programs. This school serves as a model of creative and innovation solutions that meet the changing educational needs of its student population and professional staff.
Mission Statement: The mission of Rebound School of Opportunity is to guide students to be productive and contributing members of society. In a safe and caring environment, Rebound will provide a strong, technology based, individualized academic program that leads to a high school diploma.