• Our Mission

    "We are an innovative community of learners, committed to building character and knowledge, while encouraging individuality through the arts. Tomorrow begins with us!"

    Our Vision...We see:

    *STUDENTS solving problems and thinking critically through arts infused instruction.
    *STUDENTS learning to exemplify the five core values that shape our culture at school. 
    *STAFF developing effective learning opportunities for all learners.
    *STAFF partnering with families and the greater arts community for continuous improvement of learning experiences.
    *STAFF and STUDENTS creating  a school environment that is safe, collaborative, and that welcomes diversity.
    *COMMUNITY supporting academic excellence in arts based education.
    *COMMUNITY reinforcing our core values in the development of our young citizens.
    Our Values 
    We focus on five CORE VALUES that make our school a safe and welcoming place for learning and growing.  They are:

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