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Mr. John Thie

Welcome to our 4th Quarter Math 8B adventure! I am excited to get to know those of you I have not yet worked with and to work once again with those of you whom I had the privaledge of working with during 2nd Quarter.

I think I better introduce myself to my new students… My name is John Thie. This is my 23rd year as an educator. I have had the privaledge of working with many different grade levels in several different environments. I have enjoyed having a reputation of being a strict teacher who loves to have fun too. What that boils down to is that when its time to work, lets work; and when we have time to play, lets play. I do like to pepper our time together with real life applications and antidotes.

Prior to my finally coming to my true calling of being an educator, I worked in mostly in building and woodworking trades (20+ years off & on), retail & wholesale sales, food service and restaurant concerns, hard hat diving, and even tried telemarketing for one day.

When I finally did go to college (at 35yrs old) I had to make peace with myself that I just take longer to read and understand things. I am gifted with dyslexia, bilateral stigmatism, and an auditory processing disorder. To this day I have fun with recognizing my unique perspectives of letter and numbers flipping and blurring. I encourage my students to politely help me out, we have a shared chuckle at how my brain works, then move on. This gives me an empathy for humans such as myself and I do everything in my power to help.

When I don’t have my educator hat on, I love all sports water related, hiking, road trips, working in my garden, and of course I still love building things.

Here are the expectations I have for our class:

  1. Attendance
    1. You are required to attend each and every live class meeting in teams.
    2. If you are unable to attend a meeting, be sure to watch the recorded meeting located in the chat of our Archive.
      1. Monday is our new unit launch day so you are required to attend the entire live meeting on Mondays.
      2. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday attendance is required for the entire meeting unless you have already scored 100% on the quiz for that day. If you have scored 100% on the quiz, you still are required to attend class for then announcements until I dismiss the “100s Club.”
  • Friday you are required to attend for the announcements, then you are free to leave to take the unit test for the week.
  1. I use quizzes and unit tests being turned in on time as attendance Tuesday through Friday. That means that it is very important to get at least your 1st attempt completed and submitted on or before the due date. If you do not have an assignment turned in by or before the due date you will be marked absent. I will not take that absence away and there is no “make-up” for attendance. Monday is the only day I always run a report from the live meeting in Teams. You must be in attendance on time and for the full meeting. If you come too late, or leave too early, you will be marked absent. I will not remove that absence and there is no “make-up work” for attendance.
  2. I also will randomly run a live meeting attendance report to verify attendance from time to time.
  1. Bright Space
    1. Brightspace Desktop
      1. Announcements: This is where to see the assignments and due dates for each week. These will be posted weekly.
      2. Upcoming Events: These are the graded assignments hyperlinks that take you just to the specific assignment.
  • Class Content: This section has multiple layers into the various units, lessons, and lesson parts. Use this section to navigate into the Learn and Practice sections you are required to use in preparation for the quizzes and unit tests.
  1. Assignments
    1. While there are many quizzes that are available, nearly one for every lesson, I only assign 3 to 4 quizzes and one unit test per week.
    2. All assigned quizzes and unit tests have a hyperlink to them on the desktop. The link will take you directly to the correct assignment.
  • All assignments open at 12:00am on Monday Morning
  1. You are able to work ahead, with in the unit, once the unit is opened.
  2. You are expected to finish and submit all assignments early or on time.
  3. Due Date versus Close Date
    1. Due Dates are the dates that you are expected to finish and submit graded assignments by. You may work ahead and submit an assignment early, but all assignments are expected to be turned in on time.
  4. Hybrid Calendar Use
    1. Use this planner/calendar to see what’s coming next
    2. See all due dates
    3. Print out and use as a check list
    4. Print it out and record quiz and test scores in the provided space
    5. There’s a PDF version saved into our team in the Docs, Links, & Notes
    6. Here’s the Link to Hybrid Calendar



  1. Office Hours
    1. I have 2 times Tuesday through Friday for Office Hours
      1. Appointments Office Hours are Tuesday through Friday 9:30am to 1:00pm.
      2. Open Office Hours are Tuesday through Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm. This slot has its own team and students from both 1st and 4th periods are invited to come into this meeting when they need any help or have any questions.


  1. Teams
    1. Class Team: The class team is where you will find links to the meetings, files with helpful documents, saved video of our live meetings.
    2. Channels: There are several channels
      1. Live Class Meeting Link
        1. You’ll find the link to our daily live meetings here.
        2. This is also where you can look back at the chat, where there are helpful comments and tools put int the chat by not only myself but by some of your own classmates.
        3. The chat is active for you but PLEASE only use this while we are live in a meeting.
      2. Archive
        1. Here in the chat, you’ll find a link to every one of our recorded Live meetings.
        2. They will have a heading of the Day, Date, and them of the meeting.
        3. There is no chat here.
  • Docs, Links, & Notes
    1. This channel holds helpful tools and links to tools inside the file tab.
    2. There is no chat here.
  1. Questions and Comments
    1. This is the channel to go to when you have a Math Question. All students are encouraged to comment here on their classmates’ questions if you have an appropriate answer. You may also post comments related to anything math. I will be monitoring this channel as well to give my own comments and/or answers to questions. Please remember to keep the discussion academically appropriate.


Here are the links and codes to 4th Quarter Math 8B classes…

1st Period Math 8B – Q4 THIE


4th Period Math 8B – Q4 THIE


  • Study Hall Link & Code







  1. Grading and Weighted Grading Categories
    1. Grades in PowerSchool are weighted to give students a more balanced opportunity to show competence and mastery of the covered standards.
    2. All quizzes have a maximum of 3 attempts. I will use only the best score from each of the 3 attempts. The goal is to work into a 100% with study and practice in between attempts. All quizzes are combined to represent 20% of the overall class grade.
    3. Unit tests have a maximum of 2 attempts. Everyone has a bad day now and then, so this is a safety net for those days. Students are to do their best to earn 100% on each of the quizzes prior to taking their 1st attempt on the unit test. I only use the best score out of the two attempts. All unit tests are combined to make up 70% of the overall class grade.
    4. The Final Exam (AKA Semester Test) is a once-and-done single attempt final assessment that covers all units in Math 8B. This one and only attempt must be completed on the day the final is scheduled to take place. It will open at 7:45am and close at 3:45pm. Once it closes it will not be reopened.


What are the meanings of Start, Due, and End dates?

  1. Start dates are just that, when the assignment becomes viable to be started and completed. Generally, all the assignments for a unit open at 12:00am on the Monday morning of the Unit’s launch.
  2. Due dates are when the assignment is to be completed by per the pacing of the unit. Students are able to work on 2nd & 3rd attempts after the due date, but before the close date, and the best score out of the attempts made will be the only score used.
  • End dates are the date that the assignment closes permanently. After the end date students will no longer be able to work on or submit an assignment. Generally, all the assignments in a unit have the same end date, which is normally one week after the due date of that unit’s test.



Well, that’s about all of it. I am really looking forward to starting this last quarter to finish out the inaugural year for VSH. I’ll be throwing out a few fun challenges over the course of the next 9 weeks, so keep your eyes pealed and always check your WASD Student Email Account often (I recommend 1st and last thing each day as a minimum) especially if you send me an email.