English 8

  • In English 8, we concentrate on both reading and writing. We will read novels like The Giver, The Outsiders and A Monster Calls. We will also complete a Mystery Unit where we read Sherlock Holmes and compose our own historical fiction mystery story. We will also focus on research in our writing, Latin roots and grammar. With one-to-one devices at Pathways, a major mode of communication in the classroom, handing out assignments and writing will be through our iPads. Students will utilize the online learning environment, Google classroom, as well as complete assessments via various apps on the tablets. 
    Please click on the English 8 calendar link to the left for a detailed calendar of events, assignments and units in our class. Under "English 8 Class Documents," you will see a list of documents that you can download concerning class.
    You can also check your student's tablet for Google classroom, where you will see many of our assignments that we are working on in class. As a parent or guardian you can also request to be added to Google classroom as a guest. You will then get alerts for due assignments and work to be completed in English. Please email me if you are interested.