• Important Notice to Students (& Parents)

    The system in place to allow teachers to broadly communicate with our students relies on them using the email address assigned to them by the district. As every student has an assigned email address, this method ensures that important communication is being delivered to everyone.  The system does not allow us to input personal email addresses, so it is important that students access their school emails for teacher communications.

    Using the link below will allow them to access the school email.  They may be asked to login, this is the same login and password they would use in school.


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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy Bachelor of Arts in History/Social Studies

Charles Bingham

I found my passion for history and government years ago when I was just entering junior high, a spark lit by a teacher that over the years I grew to respect and admire. Even as I pursued other occupations I found myself drawn back to the study of these subjects, often getting strange glances from my more technically minded colleagues while I read such books as "Conquest of Gaul", "The Prince" and "Churchill and Seapower" for pleasure. My circuitous route to teaching has found me studying philosophy, designing web pages, repairing printers, even riding canals for an irrigation district and all these experiences have in some way prepared me for the opportunity to teach.

I'm excited to be starting my 7th year teaching at Mountain View and I look forward to the opportunity I have to pass on a bit of my knowledge. We all have our passions and while I understand not everyone is going to embrace history or government like I have, I hope that my students will discover that whether their passion is athletics, science, theater, or something else entirely, they will understand that these subjects have an influence in everything in our world. Nothing makes me happier than to see a student have a "light bulb moment" and make connections they had never considered.

When I'm not in the classroom, I'm out learning about the world I live in. While it's not always about history, I do find myself often visiting sites of historical significance, sometimes multiple times and discovering something new after each visit. I enjoy reading (science fiction being my prefered escape), playing games, spending time with my family in the magnificant Idaho wilderness and walking that fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking stupid.