• Time change happened over the weekend and then we had to go back to school. : Students started a new unit in math. We will be focusing on multiplying and dividing using fractions. We also finished the We The People book in social studies. This means that we will be taking an end of book test on Wednesday. Students were told to study vocab from any of their study guides tonight. They also know that the test will be all multiple choice, many of these questions will come from their old tests.  In addition to all of this, we have Micron visiting on Thursday and a Science quiz on Friday. 
    Monday folders came home with the results of last week's math test, spelling test, and social studies test. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions about all during class. Please make sure to check your child's Monday Folder. I had a number turned in with papers from previous weeks in them. The tests and quizzes are sent home to ensure that you can understand how your child is doing, while also providing opportunities to discuss what they are learning. Another benefit if for students to practice bringing things back and forth between home and school.