Planned Giving

  • When you make a gift to the Education Foundation of the West Ada Schools, you can expect a deep sense of accomplishment.  You become a part of a community whose goals are to help our children succeed.  Your gift will help students, teachers and district wide initiatives and our endowment will help ensure this support for generations to come.  You can become a part of an essential partnership that strives to make our schools and students the best in the world.
    If you make a planned or deferred gift, you can:
    • Fulfill your giving goals
    • Create a legacy for you and your family
    • Reduce your income tax and take advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit
    • Avoid or defer capital gains tax on gifts of long-term appreciated property
    • Reduce estate taxes


    • Cash is simple and the way most people support the Foundation
    • Securities and Real Estate- An alternative to cash gifts, appreciated property, securities or real estate can provide great tax savings.


    Charitable Remainder Trusts
    • Popular plans because of the financial and estate planning flexibility.  They are similar to other trusts except that the Foundation receives the remainder of the interest.  You entrust property to a trustee, specifying how trust income and the remainder will be distributed.  While alive you take advantage of the income, capital gains and estate savings a trust provides. 


    Deferred Gifts
    • A specific bequest directs that the Foundation is to receive a specific piece of property or asset.
    • A general bequest directs that the Foundation receive a specific dollar amount
    • A residual bequest directs to give the Foundation all or a portion of whatever remains after all debts, taxes, expenses and all other bequests have been paid.
    Retirement Plan Benefits
    • Since retirement plans are often subject to both income and estate taxes upon the death of a participant, they present an attractive option for a charitable gift. The Education Foundation can be named as the designated beneficiary of all or part of the residual balance of qualified retirement plans, or will take the remainder when the residual balance is transferred to the trustee of a charitable remainder trust. Individuals may also take structured withdrawals from the plan to make outright or life-income gifts to the Foundation.


    Your Gifts Fund the Future
     There are many other types of planned giving.  Planned giving may be designated to a school, teacher or special interest.  Designated giving requires board approval.  
    Please contact Keri Davidson, Director, Education Foundation of the West Ada School District, to start the conversation on planned giving. 208-855-5081.