• Frequently Asked Questions:
    Can I donate to the Foundation and pay for my child's activity trip, like a choir trip to  California?
    No, the foundation can only take donations for projects and donations cannot be specifically to a student. 
    From the Idaho State Tax Commission: 
    Donations to a 501(c)(3) are deductible by the donor as long as donation is not for the benefit of a specifically named individual. The assumption being that the parents making the donations have a child in the extra-curricular activity and is also paying the fees for their child. The donors cannot receive anything in exchange for the donation. If you have further questions, you can e-mail me directly or call the number given below.  Alan Pack • Tax Policy Specialist phone: (208) 334-7663 e-mail: alan.pack@tax.idaho.gov • website: tax.idaho.gov 
    I am a teacher and a parent donates to my classroom, how long do I have to use the money? 
    Donations should be used the year the child is in your classroom.
    Questions on the Idaho Tax Credit? 
    If you have questions on the Tax Credit you can contact:  CV • Taxpayer Services Representative, Idaho State Tax Commission • Taxpayer Services phone: (208) 334-7660 • long distance: (800) 972-7660 email: taxrep@tax.idaho.gov • website: tax.idaho.gov
    Are there restrictions on what I can purchase with my Foundation money?
    All district policies must be followed. The Foundation also cannot pay for salaries or gift cards. 
    What happens when a teacher transfers schools within the district? 
    All merchandise purchased with funds from the Foundation must be left in the classroom where they are purchased. If both principals and the Foundation agree, merchandise might be able to move with the teacher within the district.
    What happens when a teacher transfers out of the district?
    All merchandise purchased with funds from the Foundation must be left in the classroom where they are purchased. 
    How do I calculate the transportation cost of a field trip? 
    Contact Kirk Pearson at kpearson@ridesta.com.
    What does the Professional Standards Commission say about personal gifts to teachers- for example a gift card? (not classroom gifts to teachers- a donation through the Foundation is to the classroom, not the teacher directly- so there is no limit).