• This year a few of our goals are: following directions, zones of regulation, respecting other people's boundaries and feelings, properly handling difficult situations, and learning to pick up on social cues. Each day in class we try to emphasize on certain situations or scenarios that we have noticed our students encountering. This enables them to better understand the situation and come up with ways that they could adjust their actions, if they face the same situation again.

    Zones of regulation: Each zone has a color, and feelings, or emotions that match with it. Everyone's zones are personal and reflect what best suits or matches with them-- Green is calm and ready to go (a student might feel happy, joyful...), Yellow is a little more anxious or not as focused (a student might feel worried, silly...), Blue is feeling a little down (a student might feel tired, sad, sick...), Orange is between yellow and red (a student might feel on edge, stressed...), Red is the high escalation zone (a student might feel very angry, out of control, very frustrated...). The zones of regulation allow us to teach the students that it is okay to have different emotions throughout the day and to feel a certain way.