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     Book Nook Celebration!
     We would like to thank Mrs. Luther for all her time, dedication, and hard work to make our Book Nook program such a huge success!
     Book Nook
    How It Works

    v  The Book Nook is a school-wide reading program that encourages students to read or engage in literacy activities

    v  Students can participate during first or last recess and will track the number of times they visit the “Book Nook”

    v  Readers will earn recognition and prizes every 25 visits

    v  Each quarter, readers who meet their quarterly goal will be invited to a special celebratory event

    v  At the end of the year, students who have earned at least 75 visits will be invited on an End-of-Year Field Trip

    v  Each quarter, the top classroom from each grade level will receive the Golden Book Award and their picture on our “Top Readers” wall.


    Student Rewards

     Every 25 visits, students will receive:

    o   Book Token (like the pacer shoe)

    o   A personal Book Worm award to hang in the hallway

    o   A free book of their choice

    o   Recognition during Friday announcements


    At the end of each quarter, all students who have met their quarterly goal of 25 visits will be invited to participate in a special event or celebration.

    o   Quarter 2: Read-A-Latte Café

    §  Students will be invited to attend a reading café complete with chocolate milk or hot chocolate and a delectable treat

    o   Quarter 3: Favorite Character Celebration

    §  Students will dress up like their favorite character and participate in an honorary celebration

    o   Quarter 4: Cliff-Hanger Event

    §  The details of this event are classified- just like the end of a great book. But trust me, you are NOT going to want to miss this!

    End of Year Field Trip

    At the end of the year, every student who has earned at least 75 visits will be invited on an incredible End-of-Year Field Trip!