• Why does the report card have a 4, if a 3 is the true goal for our child?
    A 3 is the expected goal for all students which shows that the student has a complete understanding of the skills presented on an assignment. However, at times, a student may far exceed the grade level expectation of a 3 by applying his/her understanding to new and advanced situations. The 4 allows teachers to report this advanced understanding to the parent. We are always trying to challenge our students, and having the 4 provides this additional challenge when necessary. However, it must be repeated that a 3 is what we are striving for, as the goal, on all skills for all students.
    What does a 3 really mean?
    A 3 means that a student has a complete understanding of the skills presented on an assignment. When presented on the report card, it means that the student demonstrates an understanding of all the skills presented during that marking period. The student is able to perform these skills independently.
    How can my child earn a 4?
    It must be made clear that our overall goal for our students is to achieve a score of a 3, demonstrating that he/she is proficient on that skill or concept. As the teachers continue to create various assessments, the criteria for a 4 will be developed. Examples of a 4 may include extending math skills to unknown or new situations. Several grades have already established specific advanced problems to determine if a child is applying the required skill. Another example may be in spelling where students are assessed on words that follow the same pattern as words studied during the week, but are not words from the weekly spelling list. In some cases, a student may not be able to earn a 4 due to the type of skills. This may happen with a skill such as alphabet letter recognition. Determining a 4 will be a work in progress throughout the school year.
    What happens if my child is not meeting the expectation of a 3?
    If a student has not yet met the requirements for a 3, that means that he/she needs additional support from the teacher to reach the goal. This support may include reteaching, additional practice, additional time, small group support, individual support, etc. Is it ok for my child to get a 2? Getting a 2 means that a student is progressing toward meeting expectations, but he/she still needs additional support and practice to perform the skill independently. Sometimes it is a matter of time before certain skills/concepts “click” in with students. Other times, it is a matter of providing reteaching opportunities for the student. Please remember, the first time a skill/concept is taught and assessed, some students may not get it consistently.