• Parking Lot Accidents at School


    In case of a car accident, here are the steps you need to take:

    1. Unoccupied vehicles – Stop and check the damage, take a photo of all damages, leave your name and a contact number, obtain the other vehicle’s license plate number and school parking permit number and what school issued it, and inform the school office, VP or SRO. We will then find out who owns the other vehicle, contact them and get you both together to exchange information.

    2. Occupied Vehicle: Stop, check for injuries, check the damage, take a photo of all damages, exchange your name, address, phone #, and insurance information with the other driver. Inform the SRO, Security Officer or the main office.

    3. An object: Stop, check your damages and damages to the object, photograph damages, and inform the SRO, Security Officer or main office.

    If there is a possibility that anyone is injured at an accident and need paramedics, call 911 immediately and have someone notify the school office immediately. If you are uncertain if there are injuries, the possible injured person, should at a minimum, contact the school nurse. These are your responsibilities, except notifying the school, whether the accident happens on campus or not. If you do not take steps to make sure the other party has your information, you could get charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

    ** If you witness an accident you need to go to the office to report it.

    BE CAREFUL!!!! BE SAFE!!!!