• HMS ATTENDANCE: 208-350-4131

    FAX: 208.350.4139   MAIN OFFICE: 208.350.4130
    EMAIL:  clark.ashley@westada.org
    Welcome to the Heritage Middle School Attendance webpage!  

    • If your student is going to be late or absent, please notify the attendance office at 350-4131.  
    • All students must check in and out through the front office when coming late or leaving early.
    • Remember!!!  Only a Doctor's note (from a doctor, dentist, eye doctor, therapist, etc) will excuse an absence.  If you need to fax or email a doctors note, please feel free to do so.  
                      Fax: 350-4139     Email: clark.ashley@westada.org
    • Parents may call ahead to have your children in the office waiting at a specific time.  
                   To do so, please call 350-4130.  Please do not leave messages
                   requesting a time to pick up your student, as we may not receive
                   it in time.  
    • Extended Absences - You must clear your child's extended absence (3 days or more) through their grade level administrator prior to them being able to collect the work they will miss from their teachers.  Please fill out an Extended Absence Form (located in the extended absences link) and have your student turn in the signed form to the front office - not to their teacher.  Once their extended absence form is received by the front office, they will be given a Work Request to take around to their teachers.  Students need to communicate with the teacher to establish reasonable deadlines for the homework that was missed.
    • MAKE-UP WORK After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher for make-up work. The student must complete and turn in work within a reasonable time in accordance with the teacher’s late work policy.