Seven Oaks - School Overview

  • Seven Oaks Elementary School Profile 

    Educating Students in Grades PreK-5

    School Pride:

    The Seven Oaks mascot is the Oakley Squirrel and our colors are green and yellow. Our school motto is, “A place where community is involved, learning is loved, and character promoted.”

    Our school is named for Sevenoaks Way, the street where the school is located in Lexington Hills.

     Seven Oaks is a Modified Calendar Choice School



    Jacque Wilson, Principal

    Tina Clark, Secretary

    Jamie Hickman, Counselor



    26 Certified Staff

    16 Classified Staff



    457 Enrolled

    Early Intervention Preschool Ages 3-5

    Gifted and Talented Program

    EL Program K-5


    School and Staff Recognition:

    National PTA School of Excellence Award 2018

    After school offerings include:

    • Science and Engineering Club
    • Young Rembrandts
    • Dance Club
    • Coding Club
    • Tennis Is Elementary
    • TGA Youth Golf Program