October Students of the Month

  • October Students of the Month

    6th Grade: Presley Harwood

    Presley comes to class every day with a smile on her face and a desire to learn. She is dedicated to being the best version of herself, and puts a great amount of effort into everything she does. Presley's classwork is always of the highest quality and far exceeds expectations. Presley is supportive and collaborative with her peers which makes her a great role model in class. Presley is a positive influence on others and is always willing to lend a helping hand to a classmate. You are a wonderful student, and you absolutely deserve to be the 6th grade student of the month. Congratulations, Presley!

    6th Grade: Ty Randall
    Ty Randall is more than deserving of being this month's Student of the Month. Ty does a fantastic job of staying on task in class, turning his work in on time, being respectful of both his peers and his teachers, and volunteers to answer questions in class. Ty is compassionate and kind; he has been there for others who need a friend, and is dependable and reliable. Congratulations Ty, keep up the good work! 
    7th Grade: Erica Hall
    Erica Hall is recognized as October’s Student of the Month. Erica is being recognized for student of the month due to her continuous positive attitude toward peers, teachers, and whatever task is assigned.  Erica is always willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure her assignments are completed on time with 100% effort. When a task is assigned Erica is attentive to the instructions and works diligently to complete quality assignments that reflect her knowledge.  Erica is respectful of her peers by making sure to include everyone with her warm smile and pleasant comments.  Erica’s compassionate personality makes others feel appreciated and acknowledged. Responsible and respectful are two words that describe why Erica is a great role model for other students and is being honored for student of the month.
    7th Grade: Chad Gibbs
    This month’s  Student of the Month for the 7th grade is Chad Gibbs. Chad is a diligent worker who takes his work above and beyond expectations. He actively participates in group discussions and can often be relied on to know the answer to a difficult question when nobody else does. Chad turns his work in on time with a high level of quality and effort. He works well with others and adds to a positive academic environment. Chad exemplifies what it means to be a Heritage Husky.
    8th Grade: Taylor Lingwall
    Taylor is amazing to have in class.  She is insightful, thoughtful, and respectful.  She is always on time and prepared, always ready to share and contribute.  She is helpful and patient with her peers.  I appreciate the conversation she helps to generate.  She regularly makes real world connections with the topics we discuss in class – a skill that will help her be successful in anything she chooses to pursue.  Taylor is an example to her peers and more than deserving of this recognition! 
    8th Grade: Nathan Palavos
    Nathan exemplifies everything a Husky should be! He works hard, helps those around him and has a positive attitude even when things are hard. Nathan encourages his peers to do their best and isn't afraid to try new things. He is always pushing himself to do the best he can and asks great questions that further his learning. Nathan is willing to go the extra mile and his dedication inspires those around him to do the same. All of these things and more make Nathan October's Student of the Month!