September Students of the Month:

6th Grade: Abigail Severance
Abigail is a positive role model for all students to follow. She is very hard-working, respectful, and kind.  
Abby participates in all classroom activities, she is not timid to answer discussion questions, and displays characteristics of a true Heritage Husky.  Abby’s work ethic coupled with a natural sense of citizenship, makes students like her stand out in the crowd.
6th Grade: Isaac Allen
 Isaac is an exemplary student and role model.  He completes all work on time with precision and attention to detail.  Isaac is a conscientious student who shows a love for learning and shares that enthusiasm with his classmates.  Isaac actively participates in classroom and group activities and is always prepared for class. 
Isaac has a fun sense of humor which he shares with students and teachers.  He spends free time playing X-box and loves to play baseball. Way to go, Isaac!  You set the bar high for all student of the month nominations!
7th Grade: Katie Hill
Katie is new to Heritage this year, and has already shown strong leadership skills in the classroom. She works hard, pays attention in class, and gives 100% effort every day. She exemplifies the HUSKY traits of honesty, understanding, standing up for herself and others, being kind, and being her very best. Katie works hard on her academics, athleticism, and has outstanding behavior. She has a beautiful voice and sings in the Heritage Middle School choir. Katie works well with other students and uses her time wisely when working independently. We are proud to showcase Katie as our September student of the month for 7th grade!
7th Grade: Benjamin Jones
Ben is an exemplary student here at Heritage. Ben works hard in class, contributes whole-heartedly to group projects, and is consistent in using class time wisely. He is honest, and always gives 100% on everything that he does. He is kind and thoughtful, such as by how he greets his teachers every day upon entering their classrooms, and thanks them as he leaves. Ben works hard to achieve high academic goals that he has set for himself, and he is someone you can always depend on. He is always willing to help those around him, and shows wisdom beyond his age. Ben is a fantastic part of the Heritage Husky student body! 
8th Grade: Reese Ostendorf
Reese has a positive attitude when interacting with her peers and adults. She is very patient and willing to help others when they don't understand. She comes to class prepared and ready to work each and every day. Her hard work and contagious smile are very appreciated. She sets a great example for her peers. Way to go Reese. 
8th Grade: Jordan Russell
Congratulations to Jordan Russell, who is the Student of the Month for September. Jordan habitually comes to class prepared, follows directions, and can be counted on to try his best. He is responsible, motivated, and eager to learn. Not only does he put forth his best efforts daily in class, he also sets an example for his peers in terms of his willingness to work with others and to stay on task. He makes it a habit to treat others with kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect. His positive energy and eagerness to participate and help in class sets him apart from others as a strong example to teachers and students of what it means to be an outstanding student at Heritage Middle School. Congratulations Jordan!