• November Students of the Month

    6th Grade: Ryann Ellsworth


    Ryann has shown an amazing commitment to her learning and to her role as a Heritage Husky! Ryann has excellent grades and is respected in our community. Along with her success in her grades she has shown tremendous leadership skills during my class. I have witnessed her talking with new people and standing up for people when needed. She will participate, ask questions, and share her scientific thinking. Ryann is a great example of a student who puts lots of effort and can adapt to these different times. I am excited to have Ryann as a part of the HMS community and I am excited for her future. Keep up the great work, we are proud to call Ryann student of the month!


    6th Grade: Harrison Loscher

    This month’s Student of the Month 6th grade male student is Harrison Loscher. Harrison is a diligent worker who takes his work above and beyond expectations. He enjoys the journey of learning and takes thinking to a whole new level. Harrison turns his work in on time with a high level of quality and effort. He works well with others and adds to a positive academic environment.

    Harrison exemplifies what it means to be a Heritage Husky.
    7th Grade: Hailey Main
    Hailey is an excellent example of Husky Pride! She is hard working, kind, and has a positive attitude. She goes above and beyond without being prompted. Hailey has a very strong work ethic and takes initiative to help others as needed. Hailey is attentive in class, contributes to class discussions, and is always present during her online/remote sessions. Heritage is lucky to have students like Hailey to help make our school a better place. Keep up the great work!   
    7th Grade: Carston Clyde

    Carston Clyde has been a true silver lining in this difficult year. He has faced every challenge head on and truly taken advantage of getting the most out of his education. Carston values each learning opportunity and actively participates in all lessons. He is not afraid to show leadership and help those who may be struggling. Carston is always positive, polite, and courteous to peers and teachers. Carston never complains about an assignment or the amount of work required of him. I think one of Carston’s greatest strengths is his maturity which allows him to have impactful conversations about topics discussed in class. I expect great things for his future. For all these reasons and more, Carston was an easy choice for student of the month.     

    8th Grade: Chloe Ayers
    On behalf of the 8th grade teachers, I, Mrs. Cain, nominate Chloe Ayers for November's Student of the Month. Chloe is kind, respectful, and positive. She has a contagious joy and is a diligent worker. Though there are many challenges to this year, Chloe has handled herself with grace. She is an exemplar student and possesses the character traits of a great Husky.   
    8th Grade: Cooper Crane

    On behalf of the 8th grade teachers, Mrs. Bishop, nominates Cooper Crane for November's Student of the Month. Cooper is always fun to have in class.  He is kind, respectful, and always contributes in a positive way. He shows his gratitude for being in class, by saying thank you before he leaves, and always has a smile on his face.  He is a conscientious student and always tries to do his best. Cooper positive attitude, during this difficult time, show what it takes to be a great Husky.