September Students of the Month

  • 6th Grade: Ruby Rembiszewski

    Ruby is a positive role model for all students to follow. She is very hard-working, respectful, and kind. Ruby participates in all classroom activities, she is not timid to answer discussion questions, which makes students like her stand out in a crowd. Ruby’s work ethic coupled with a natural sense of citizenship, display characteristics of a true Heritage Husky.

    6th Grade: Matthias Nawahine

    Matthias is a role model for his peers and is, therefore, September’s student of the month. Matthias is organized, punctual and respectful. He participates regularly in class, and always demonstrates a positive attitude. He maintains good grades by filling out his agenda, communicating with his teachers, and turning in his work on time. He works well with his peers and sets positive examples for them by making positive choices. 
    Matthias is an outstanding student.

    7th Grade: Amaia Clayton

    Amaia is an amazing student in so many ways. During school, she is hard working and a great example to other students. Outside of school, she is involved in many different activities. She is very talented, respectful, and quick at laughing at teacher jokes. Ms. Clayton is very inquisitive and always goes the extra mile. Heritage is lucky to have her!

    7th Grade: Aidan Koval

    From the very first days of the school year, we noticed Aidan Koval rocking his high-top Converse and always with a big smile in our hallway. Aidan’s confident personality and kind manners make him a standout – he tells each of us “thank you” at the end of every class! Aidan is such a hardworking student who goes the extra mile to make sure he has all of the background research and knowledge. He is never afraid to speak up when he feels that people aren’t being respectful, which shows his positive leadership skills. We are looking forward to this year with incredible students like Aidan Koval.


    8th Grade: Sophia Eminenth

    Sophia is a wonderful student to have in class.  She participates with thoughtful things to say and works hard at everything she does.  Sophia works great with everyone in the class and is a diligent worker. She is a creative student and an outstanding role model for her classmates with her positive attitude and great work ethic.  She is truly a joy to have in class!

    8th Grade: Ben Jones

    Ben consistently demonstrates a positive attitude within schooling as well as in his interactions with peers and teachers. He is a diligent and hardworking student who is always on task and helpful to classmates. He is respectful to others and helps in the classroom whenever he can. Ben not only works hard in his academics but also goes out of his way to be a friend to those around him. He is kind and caring to everyone he meets, and works hard to make those around him feel important. His hard work and consistent kindness are just some of the characteristics that make Ben an outstanding student of Heritage Middle School.