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    Head Coach: Matt Moxham (Distance & Shot Put)

    Assistant Coaches: Gina Janke (Sprints), Bridget King (Distance and Discus), Ashley Boggan (Hurdles & High Jump), & Brooke Bessler (Long & Triple Jump)


    Medical release

    Concussion acknowledgement

    Concussion information  (needs to be read, but not turned in)

    Start Dates:

    Track begins April 12th, 2021.

    There will be a track meeting in the main gym during advisory on March 6th for anyone interested in track.

    Athletes must turn in medical release and concussion forms prior to the first practice which is March 16th.


    Practice Schedule: 

    Practice begins April 12th. Practices will be held every day from 3:30 – 4:45. Athletes must be picked up by 5:00Each day of the week we will have different events for the kids to choose from.  Here is the list of events that are available each day. It is recommended that the kids try multiple events


    Monday                 Tuesday                 Wednesday                 Thursday                 Friday

    Discus                   High Jump               Discus                           High Jump                Discus

    100m Hurdles       200m Hurdles         100m Hurdles               200m Hurdles          100m Hurdles

    Sprints                  Relays                     Sprints                          Relays                      Sprints

    DR Hard Day          DR Easy Day            DR Hard Day                 DR Easy Day             DR Hard Day

    Long Jump             Triple Jump              Long Jump                    Triple Jump               Long Jump

                                 Shot Put                                                        Shot Put


    Meet Schedule:

    Date                                Opponents                                       Location

    April 30th, 2021                

    May 7th, 2021                

    May 14th, 2021                

    May 21st, 2021                   


    We need volunteers for our meets. Please let Mr. Dew, the athletic director, or myself know if you would like to volunteer.  We can't run a smooth meet if we don’t get enough help, so please sign up and help our student athletes. Email for Mr. Dew is dew.scott@westada.org and myself moxham.matthew@westada.org.  Here is a sign up genius link as well to sign up to volunteer.


    District Meet: May 26th.


    Running Events:                      Field Events:

     1600 Meter                               Shot Put

     100 Meter Hurdles                     Discus

     4X200 Meter Relay                    Long-Jump

     100 Meter                                 Triple-Jump

     400 Meter                                 High-Jump

     4X100 Meter Relay

     800 Meter

     200 Meter Hurdles

     Sprint Medley Relay

     200 Meter

     4X400 Meter Relay


    Opening Heights, Weights, and Measurements:

    100 Meter Hurdles: 10, 30” Hurdles

    200 Meter Hurdles: 5, 30” Hurdles

    High-Jump: 3’9” (Girls), 4’3” (Boys)

    Long-Jump: 8’

    Triple-Jump: 20’ (Girls), 30’ (Boys)

    Shot Put: 4 Kilograms

    Discus: 1 Kilogram



    Track is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  Each athlete is required to purchase an activity card for $22.26 which includes tax and pay the $90 participation fee before the first meet in order for the athlete to be allowed to participate in the meet.  Fees can be paid online through our school webstore at www.westada.org/vms or with the bookkeeper in the main office.  If a student-athlete has participated and paid for two sports during the same school year, they are eligible to join a third or fourth sport without paying any additional fee.  Each student-athlete must also have a signed participation form for each sport in order to practice.  Eligible athletes will maintain passing grades in all classes. Students failing a class for two (2) consecutive weeks will be required to practice and dress down and attend meets, but will be ineligible to compete in meets until cleared by a passing grade check by the teacher(s) of the class(es) they are failing.


    Meet Sign-Out Philosophy: 

    Track is a team sport. In order to foster sportsmanship and respect for all our athletes who compete, we request that all students remain in attendance until the last event has concluded. One (1) emergency leave will be allowed to each athlete.



    Athletes are expected to be at every practice. Students are allowed two (2) un-excused absences. Un-excused absences include two (2) tardies, issues resulting in loss of after school activity privileges, and any other absence not accompanied by a note from a parent/guardian or doctor for an excused absence. Excused absences include a parent/guardian or doctor’s note for illness, doctor/dentist appointments, pre-arranged scheduling conflicts, and family emergencies. Numerous excused absences will be seen as a lack of commitment to the track team and may result in dismissal from the team. The coaching staff is required to turn in a list of athletes and their respective events the day before a meet. As a result, students who fail to sign up for events or miss practice the day before a meet will be ineligible to compete that week.



    Appropriate clothes for practice include a pair of running shoes, athletic shorts or sweat pants, and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. The VMS dress code policy found in the agenda book outlines restrictions regarding school-appropriate clothing. Please prepare for rain and cold weather. Watches, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings may not be worn. Athletes will be issued a set of track sweats, shorts, and tank top to be worn during meets only. Track spikes are un-necessary for practice due to the cinder track at VMS. Meets will be held at area high schools where spikes may be helpful, but not required. Students who lose or do not turn-in their equipment will be issued a fine. Report cards and yearbooks will not be distributed until the fine has been cleared with the bookkeeper.


    Spirit Wear:



    If you have any questions you may email me at moxham.matthew@westada.org


    Coach Moxham