VMS TENNIS will start on April 12th, 2021.


    All tennis forms must be turned in by April 12th. 


    Forms needed:

    Medical release

    Concussion acknowledgement

    Concussion Information (needs to be read, but not turned in)


    Practices will go from 3:30-4:45.

    All athletes will need to be picked up by 5:00.

    All athletes must have 10 practices before participating in a match.
    (Practices can be made up in advisory)

    Before the first match  practice will be Monday-Friday. After the first match, only A team will practice on Fridays. 


    Rainy-days, practice will either be canceled or go from 3:30 to 4:30 in the gym.  Students will be told over the announcements.  



    VMS tennis has an A and B team.  These teams are decided the week before the first match.  Athletes are able to challenge throughout the season for a place on A team. Only 24 athletes including alternates can make A team. 


    A team and B team matches will be on the same day, at the opposite school locations.
    Example: A @ Home vs LHMS ,  B @ LHMS

    Tennis Schedule- 2021

    Thurs. April 29 @ Heritage (B team @ home)

    Tues. May 4th vs Lowell Scott (B team @ Lowell Scott)

    Thurs. May 6th @ Sawtooth (B team @ home)

    Tues. May 11th @ Meridian (B team @ home)

    Wed. May 12th vs Lake Hazel (B team @ Lake Hazel)

    Thurs. May 13th @ Lewis & Clark (B team @ home)

    Tues. May 18th vs Eagle (B team @ Eagle)

    Thurs. May 20th vs Star (B team @ Star)

    May 25th District Tournament- Location TBD



    What to bring?

    -PROPER ATHLETIC ATTIRE! If you are not dressed down, you will not participate. It could also count as a strike. No jeans, or shoes that are not for athletics. 
    -TENNIS RACQUET!  You will NOT be supplied one.
    -WATER AND SUNSREEN!   These need to be at the court, we will not let the athletes into the building.
    -AN AWESOME ATTITUDE!  Tennis can be tough, especially for beginners.  Remember that everyone is trying and everyone is there to have fun.  Don’t get down on yourself or other team mates.




    Tennis is a difficult sport, to play and learn.  Scoring can be very confusing for new players.  In a perfect world, we would have 24 players, because there are 24 spaces on 6 tennis courts. In reality, we have around 80 to 100 students come out for tennis every year. 

    It is very hard to play "actual" tennis matches to review scoring when we can only have 24 players play at a time, matches lasting 45 mins or longer.

    If your athlete decides to play tennis at VMS, they need to learn the scoring of tennis at practice AND at home.  The number one issue every school has is false scoring, which leads to major problems during our matches.  We do our best to teach it, we need your help at home to review and teach as well.