• Course Selection/Registration Process

    Current 8th Grade students moving to 9th Grade:

    • January 22 – February 21 – Counselors will be meeting with groups of 8th-grade students during one PE class period to complete the High School 4-Year Planner and the freshman course selection form. If your 8th-grade student does not have a PE class, your student will meet with counselors at another time.  
    • February 25 – Mountain View and Meridian High School students will enter freshman (9th grade) course selections online at VMS.  

    Current 6th and 7th Grade students moving to 7th and 8th Grade:

    • February 10 – In advisory classes, videos will be shown highlighting 7th and 8th-grade electives. 

    • February 18 – In advisory classes, course selection packets will be distributed.  A PowerPoint presentation will outline the process for the students.  The PowerPoint will be posted on the VMS website for parents to access as well. 

    • February 18-23 – The online course selection will be active February 18-23.  Please note that course selection forms must be completed, signed and returned to advisory teachers even though courses are selected online.  If parents and students do not have access to a computer for online course selection, you may schedule a time with the registrar to use a VMS computer or the registrar will enter the courses for the student.  

    • Course selection packets are due on or before February 24.  Packets must include Honors Rigor form and Assistant Elective Recommendation form if the student is pursuing either or both of those options. (Honors Math placement will be determined in late May based on students’ ISAT Math scores.) 


    Current 5th Grade students moving to 6th Grade:

    • Week of February 24 – Course selection forms for 6th grade will be distributed at the elementary schools. 

    • March 3 – Course selection forms for 6th grade are returned to the elementary schools.