• Centennial High School

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Schedules


    Schedules – General Information

    • Every effort has been made to provide students with a schedule that includes both their required core classes as well as their requested electives, including alternatives.


    My Student would prefer a different class schedule. Can we rearrange his/her classes? 

    • Unfortunately, no. Our master schedule is created after students make their course selection in the spring. Students are expected to take the courses they selected. As we explained to students in the spring, we offer courses and staff our building according to our student’s requests.
    • Our first priority is to help students get the courses they need in order to graduate.


    What criteria meets the requirements for my student to receive a schedule change?

    1. Student is currently registered for or has completed the course through correspondence of summer school. Documentation is required with this request.
    2. Student is assigned to a teacher they had previously and have failed that class.
    3. Student wants to add or drop an Honors or AP Course (note: Honors and AP Classes may not be added 2nd semester. Additionally, space must be available in general classes to drop Honors or AP).
    4. Student wants to replace an elective course with one required for graduation or college admission.
    5. Student has an incomplete/incorrect schedule. Example: hole in schedule, missing one semester of a year-long course, prerequisite not met, incorrect math level placement, etc.
    6. Student wants to replace an elective with a religious release
    7. SENIORS ONLY: Student is dropping an elective course for an early release or late start. Student must meet release eligibility requirements.


    Please return the Schedule Change Request Form and submit it to the counseling office. Please note, many classes are full, which means we will be able to accommodate very few schedule changes.Thank you for your patience during this very busy time of year and for following the above process.