Idaho law requires any person under sixteen years of age be enrolled in school. State law also requires each school district to establish an attendance policy. The Middle School Attendance Policy can be found in Appendix E of the handbook.
    1. When a student is absent from school a parent or guardian should call the school by 10:00 a.m. that day with the following information:
       a) parent or guardian's name
       b) student's name
       c) reason for absence
       d) estimated date of return
    2. If no call has been made the student must provide the main office with a note from a parent or guardian stating the reason and dates of the absence. After 48 hours, unverified absences will be noted as a truancy
    3. Students who arrive at school after the first tardy bell should report to the main office to sign in.
    4. Students are allowed six (6) absences per class period during the semester. Students who receive seven (7) absences in any class will lose credit unless cleared by the attendance office as extraordinary within five (5) days of the absence. Verbal communication must come from a parent/guardian within 48 hours of the absence to prevent truancy.
    5. The following absences count against a student’s total of six (6) absences: Illness (Ill), Out of School Suspension (OSS), Parent Call (PRC), Truancy (TR), Unverified (A), Verified (VER)
    If a student is absent for fifteen (15) consecutive school days, whether or not the absences are verified, the student will be dis-enrolled from school. At the time the student returns to school, the student may be re-enrolled. Students served by homebound tutors or absent due to illness documented by licensed medical personnel will not be included in this procedure.
    After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher for make-up work. The student must complete and turn in work within a reasonable time in accordance with the teacher’s late work policy.
    Students are considered tardy if not in their assigned classrooms when the tardy bell rings. Tardies accrue on a semester basis. The tardy policy incorporates the following:
       First Tardy -- Teacher warns student **
       Second Tardy -- Documented in PowerSchool
       Third Tardy -- Student assigned to designated detention and parent notified by school
       Additional Tardies -- Administrative Discretion
    ** Parents please note: Only students riding school provided transportation shall be eligible for excused tardies. All other tardies and late arrivals (except from medical appointments) are considered unexcused.
    Truancy is defined as a student being absent without approval of his/her parents, guardian, or school officials. Truancy occurs when:
       1. an unauthorized phone call is made;
       2. an unauthorized note is sent to school;
       3. the parent refuses to excuse an absence;
       4. the student leaves school without permission to leave;
       5. the student is in the building, but is out of class without permission.
    Full-day truancies or single-period cuts will result in a parent contact or conference. Students declared truant may be assigned to Saturday School, the Safe School suspension room, or after school detention to make up the time they have missed. A third truancy may result in suspension.