Common Policy Regarding Due Dates and Deadlines

  • As a general grading practice at Victory Middle School, student assessments of learning will make up at least 80% of a student’s final grade. Daily work and homework (practice) will constitute no more than 20% of the total grade in the course.

    Assignments are expected to be completed and turned in on time because . . .

    • The completion of all assignments is a critical component of student learning.
    • The completion quality of all assignments is a critical component of student learning.
    • Students who complete assignments are prepared to maximize their learning.

    With this premise in mind, as well as our mission of “Partners in Learning, Preparing for the Future”; the staff at VMS has agreed to adhere to these guidelines in regard to daily work, homework and practice-based assignments and student assessments.

    Due Date:  The date that the assignment was due to the teacher.  Any assignment not turned in on the due date or not of good quality will be marked as missing and a corresponding grade entered until completed by the student.

    Deadline:  The last date that the assignment will be accepted for credit.  Assignments turned in prior to or at the deadline will receive the grade earned without penalty.  Deadlines occur one week prior to the end of each quarter.  These dates will be clearly defined by the teacher.  Any assignment turned in after the Deadline will receive no credit. Deadlines are:

    Quarter 1 Deadlines

    Quarter 2 Deadlines

    Quarter 3 Deadlines

    Quarter 4 Deadlines

    Friday, September 6th

    Friday, November 1st

    Friday, January 31st

    Friday, April 10th

    Friday, September 20th

    Friday, November 15th

    Friday, February 14th

    Friday, April 24th

    Friday, October 4th

    Friday, December 6th

    Thursday, February 27th

    Friday, May 8th

    Friday, October 18th

    Friday, December 20th

    Friday, March 13th

    Friday, May 22nd


    Friday, January 10th




    • Due dates and Deadlines will be clearly defined by the teacher.
    • Assignments may be re-done before the Deadline. Assignments earning a low score may be re-done before the deadline and must be of good quality and effort for full credit.
    • Late work will be accepted for full credit after the Due Date. Students will receive the score they earn when turned in after the Due Date.
    • Late work will not be accepted after the Deadline.
    • There are times when there will be exceptions to this general policy regarding late work. These exceptions will typically occur because of the nature of the assignment, project, lab requires them to be done within a timeframe that is shorter than the quarter deadline.  These exceptions will be clearly communicated by the teacher when they occur.


    • Students who score below 90% will be allowed to re-take the assessment.
    • Students who score 90% or higher, cannot re-take assessments, as 90% would be considered evidence that the student has demonstrated a proficient mastery of the assessed content.
    • Students can re-take the assessment one time only.
    • The student will receive the higher of the two grades up to 90% after the re-take is completed.
    • Students who are requesting a re-take of an assessment will be required to complete any missing practice work before the opportunity to re-take the assessment.
    • If the student wants to set up a re-take of the assessment, they must arrange a time with the teacher to do so.
    • Students have one full week from the date the assessment is returned to the student, to arrange and complete the re-assessment.
    • All re-takes must be completed by the Quarter Late Work Deadlines listed above.
    • End of Course/Final Exams cannot be re-taken as they occur the last two days of the term.

    ##Students who are absent will be given the required 2 days per absence before any point reductions occur.

    @@Students with accommodations for extended time will be given the agreed upon amount of time before point reductions occur.