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Mrs. Rebecca Martin

Hello all! Welcome to my Webpage!

Educational Career
I began teaching in 1990 in Utah after graduating from Utah State University. I have been in education ever since that time. In 2009, I graduated with a Master of Education in Education Administration.
I have had the privilege of teaching in Utah, Southeast Idaho, and now here in the Boise area. In those 30 years of education life, I have worked in education within school administration for six years, I’ve taught special education for thirteen years and co-taught general education for one year. My experience includes teaching in preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school levels.
My favorite place to teach is where I am right now. I teach wonderful elementary students with varying disabilities that impact their learning. My favorite part of this job is problem-solving with students and their families as we navigate learning for their individual needs. There is nothing better.

I hope we get to know one another because I always learn from families.

Personal life
I raised 3 children as a single parent since 1983. My oldest is a daughter and my two boys followed 2 years later and 5 years later. My children have grown up to become extraordinary people who are very different from one another, which creates an impressive, strong team. Their lives weren’t easy. However, they continually amaze me with their wisdom and compassion.
 My children married remarkable partners who I adore. I am very grateful for each of them.
 I have 6 brilliant grandchildren. Not kidding, brilliant! They are also beautiful, kind, funny…well, let’s face it, they are perfect. 😉
 My favorite days are when we are together. My family makes my life better in every way.
 I currently have 3, four-legged grandchildren and a variety of other guests that enter our life and increase the love that we all share.