Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Roeser

Hi all! My name is Ms. Roeser and this will be my 6th year teaching 3rd grade! I graducated from Boise State University in 2016 and have been teaching at Prospect since. 

Teaching Style

I truly belive in making a positive, engaging, and active classroom! I strive to design engaging instructional activities requiring student collaboration. My classroom arrangement is changed regularly to accomidate students' indivudul and group needs to communictae and work jointly. My students are organized in a variety of groupings, such as by friendship, mixed academic ability, language, project, or interests, to promote interaction. I love incorporating movement, songs, and active responses. Students are always encouraged to share work, mistakes, and help their peers. 

Fun Facts: 

I love plants! I have over 33 plants in my house.

I love dogs! I have a golden retreiver named Griz. 

I prefer being outside to being inside. 

In my free time I enjoy reading, spending time at my family's lake cabin, and doing yoga.