Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Morris


Hello! Welcome to the Room 26 Family!! 

We are going to have a great year this year. We will learn all about how to have lots of fun, learn lots and lots, and keep ourselves very safe. 

There will be all kinds of important "stuff" that we learn about being independent, resourceful, resilient individuals who have hearts that are strong and ready for the big world! Many opportunities for practicing caring and kindness will come our way, and we will also have the chance to become really great at solving our own problems, as well as solving problems we sometimes have with others. Learning to work together is an important part of growing smarter and wiser. 

Celebrating mistakes is a huge "thing" in our room! We want to be brave risk-takers who learn from our mistakes rather than being afraid of making them. Developing a Growth Mindset and embracing hard work is an important part of that. We will even make "brains" that show how neurons light up with mistakes, and new brain pathways begin to grow.

Practicing The Power of Yet will help us feel powerful and confident even when there are tough times, and climbing out of the Learning Pit from time to time will help us grow stronger and stronger and ready for fifth grade. 

I have lots of fun math tasks and projects planned, as well as some super-fun activities to help us better understand the texts we read. There will be some social studies and science mixed in there, as well as a Create Time every day. 

I can't wait to be part of your family this year. I love, love, love fourth graders and being in our classroom together is one of my very favorite places in the whole world!


Looking forward to fabulous days ahead,

Mrs. Morris