• Click the link to the left to see the game schedule.

    "A" teams will play the 4:00 games.

    "B" teams will play right after the "A" games are done (usually about 5:00).

    .The tournament on Oct 9-11 is for 8th grade "A" teams only.  


    • 7B (Coach Peters) will typically practice from 6:30 - 7:45.
    • 7A, 8A, and 8B (Smith, Coulter, Patterson) will typically practice after schoool until 5:00.
    • Excceptions to this schedule will be posted on the calendar. Check there if you think something may be out of the ordinary.


    General Practice and Game Information
    • There will be a 7th grade "A" team, a 7th grade "B" team, an 8th grade "A" team, an 8th grade "B" team. 
    • Players not chosen for those teams will be split evenly and placed on team(s) of mixed grade and equal skill.
    • It is very probable that some teams will practice before school.
    • There is no practice on game days.
    • Check the calendar to see if any teams have canceled practice.
    • Check the calendar to find the game location for your team.




    Contact the coaches: